What do we want?

Our Background

We are a team of people with backgrounds in areas of IT, design and business administration with the same vision regarding the future of portable computers. We started to work on this concept in 2009 and finalized it after a few months of intensive work.

Our Intentions

Our very first steps were not directly related to a production of Rolltop. Our primary intention was to demonstrate our vision and concept to people and get feedback.
Overwhelmed with emotions of people, their feedback and wishes to see the real product on the market, we have decided to start this project.


Our primary objective is to realize our vision and concept Rolltop and to bring it to the people in the next step.


Currently we are in the middle of the partner identification process and development of a final technical Rolltop design, including pre-selection of electronic sub-parts and hardware platform design.

If are you interested, please contact us.