10 Best Weighing Machine In India 2023

By Trusha Patel

Measuring your weight in your home is much more comfortable with the best weighing machine in India, and you’re just a step away from self-assessment. Weighing scales haven’t stopped; only right here and now can provide stats about almost all the actual weight and fat metrics. 

Now you can go through this best weighing machine in India list to make your own choice to decide which is the best weighing option for you. This list has been compiled with keen research and a detailed comparison for your benefit.


Best Weighing Machine In India 2023

HealthSense (India) Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale, Strong & Best ABS Build Electronic Bathroom Scales & Weight Machine for Home & Human Balance

  • HealthSense has a robust, break-proof body.
  • It has a very sleek and thin body.
  • It has four gravitational sensors for accurate weight measuring.
  • Has enough width and a texture that is skid-free.

HealthSense may be a new brand on the horizon of healthcare tech and personal equipment. Still, it manufactures various products like bp scales, glucometers, weighing machines, breathing care and massaging devices, etc. PS 126 is a remarkable weighing machine due to its design. You, as a user, will be surprised how this piece of personal care tech is so stylish and well-built. This weighing scale is bound to make you wonder just at first glance.

This weighing scale is made with highly tough ABS material and has both looks and durability. Now, if you talk about its measurement tech and accuracy in weighing, PS 126 uses four-point G sensors tech for all-around sensing and your correct results.

It also has an auto-off feature for energy saving. You are offered a weight range from 5-180 kgs and other units such as the pound and the stone. This excellent tech is an excellent addition to the best weighing machine in India Segment.

Hoffen Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale (HO-18-Black)
  • It comes with a vibrant LCD screen.
  • Hoffen has made sure a new secure bearing platform.
  • Has sensors protecting from overload.
  • Material in design in extra tough Tempered Glass.

Hoffen has made such a machine with their HO-18 model that it forces you to say its beauty with brains. Beauty is in terms of its glass design, which looks premium but very tough. Brains are in terms of their smart weight sensing, which senses and calculates your weight through a strain gauge system. This weighing machine will give you both the looks and precise performance.

That is not all, as the weighing machine has been built with advanced tech and has features like auto-off when not in use and battery indication for low battery. The weighing range for this device is 2.3-180 kg. 

Weighing scale a large LCD screen for clear presentation. These features, combined with Hoffen sensing and accuracy, make this weighing scale a contender for the best weighing machine in India. Hoffen prescribed stable use for the first time. Then you can measure your weight easily after it gets calibrated. 

Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Platinum Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale for Human Body with Temperature Display

  • Dr. Trust comes with the USA’s recommended technology.
  • Has an instant reading system as you step on it.
  • Provides precise readings up to two decimal points.
  • Also, Dr trust displays temperature and has a lasting battery.

Dr. Trust is a prominent USA healthcare and personal care tech brand working on various products. This time Dr. Trust brings aesthetics in the form of their Platinum weighing scale. 

It has a sleek and light body with superior Glass. It ensures accuracy during the measurement via its gauge sensing. Additional features are plentiful in this weighing scale, such as a room temperature display, a rechargeable battery for more prolonged use, an instant step on a technique that weighs you quickly and accurate decimal readings, etc. 

If these features weren’t enough, it also has modern protection features like auto-off and warning from overload protecting your machine. The maximum capacity prescribed is up to 180 kgs and should be taken care of. Also, you get a six months warranty from the manufacturer after your product registration. Thus Dr. Trust offers a gem in the best weighing machine in the India segment.

MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale upto 130 kgs capacity Weight Machine (Mechanical Weighing Machine)
  • MCP is an analogue designed weighing machine.
  • The Surface of MCP is made of a skid-proof texture.
  • You can take readings up to a maximum capacity of 130kgs.
  • Machine has a manual knob for pointing zero.

MCP is known as Medicare Productions inc and offers quality when it comes to their pieces of equipment. This weighing scale is an analog design manual weighing scale for providing easy and excellent readings. It comes in a cozy blue color with a sturdy body.

Apart from its build, the body has a rugged texture that ensures you don’t slip or skid off the scale. As it is an analog weighing scale, you’re free from battery problems such as changing them regularly or low battery, not providing accurate readings. It has a maximum capacity of 130 kgs. 

Also, it comes with a manual dial to set it to zero if the scale is not showing so. You get a one-year manufacturer warranty for protection. Combining these aspects makes MCP stand in deservingly as the best weighing machine in the Indian segment.

AGARO WS 503W Ultra-Lite Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale with Step-On Technology & Anti Skid Tempered Glass (Battery Included) Black

  • Agaro is an ultra-thin weighing scale.
  • Agaro scale has a sharp step-on technology.
  • You have an easy battery option of a 3V Li-ion battery.
  • Agaro has multiple weight measurement units for convenience.

Agaro is a well-known name in the international community of healthcare enterprises. They have a legacy of inspiring new design standards with optimum performance. This weighing scale perfectly exemplifies Agaro’s vision of bringing something new. This scale is very thin and light for its superb performance. The ultra-thin design is possible due to its toughened Glass.

Along with aesthetic features, you get a combination of quad sensing. Four weight sensors accumulate the readings and present the weight precisely. You also get measuring units of kg, pound, and stone. On this scale, you are offered a weight range of 5 to 180 kgs. 

The display is LCD, which shows precise readings in the weight range. Glass is also made with a rounded corner and a non-slip texture for complete safety. Also, you get the premium design and such features at quite an affordable price compared to other standings in the best weighing machine in the Indian market.

Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Mechanical EQ-BR-9201
  • Equinox has installed robust materials.
  • Comes with an impressive eighteen months warranty.
  • Platform in equinox is wide enough and has a texture.
  • Also, you can easily see your reading on the large display.

Equinox is always considered a premium brand in the healthcare market. Equinox with EQ-BR-9201 has brought another surprising addition to the market. This scale is extraordinary because the market is full of digital weighing machines, but this manual mechanical machine competes with them effortlessly. Equinox, in this analog style weighing scale, has provided double-layered durable material for robustness.

The design is wide and well-balanced in terms of weight. You see a distinct texture on the weighing surface that ensures your safety from slips and skids. Equinox portrays highly accurate readings with a maximum capacity of up to 130 kgs. Like many other modern analog scales, it also has a manual knob for zero mark adjustment. 

Equinox has provided dual protection with a rigid body and an impressive eighteen months manufacturer’s warranty. The display is clear and large, so you can comfortably look at the reading. These features combined make you consider this the title of the best weighing machine in India.

Detek 009 Digital LCD Electronic Weighing Scale
  • Detek has an aesthetically Pleasing Glass Design.
  • It has integrated safety features like overload protection.
  • Detek is combined with a classic LCD weight screen.
  • Surface is pure transparent Glass with metal support and increased toughness.

Detek 009 is a unique digital weighing machine. This product will add style to your household while you take care of your health. Made with superior sturdier Glass ensuring the transparent beauty of this scale and joined metal bars supporting its structure. 

Looking like glass or plate, don’t let the design be misunderstood as it has four gauge weight sensors for accurately measuring your weight. Derek houses a classical LED screen for an appropriate display of the weight numbers and other items. Metal and Glass are high-grade and rustproof. It also has smart features to protect it, like a very active overloading warning. This feature becomes especially crucial in glass design. 

The digital weighing machine has small button batteries, and the device shows the error message when you need to replace these. Thus it has auto-off and battery warnings for convenience.  You get two weight measuring unit options of either kgs or pounds. Detek is a glamorous part of the best weighing machine in India list. 

Dr Trust (USA) Digital Smart Electronic Rechargeable Bluetooth Fitness Body Composition Monitor Fat Analyzer 2.0 Weight Machine and Weighing Scale model-509 (Black)
  • Most Advanced Tech from Dr. Trust.
  • It comes with not only weight but 16 kinds of body health metrics.
  • It has advanced smart connectivity via bluetooth.
  • It is a rechargeable digital weighing machine.

With its household USA tech, Dr. Trust caused a revolution with this tech. They’re always bent on innovating themselves, and this time they’ve brought forward smartness and efficiency combined in a single device. Model-509, from our trust, is just not a mere weighing machine, but it is a physical health index. 

Dr. Trust doesn’t accurately measure your weight up to decimal numbers with smart sensing but also has sensors for other health metrics like BMI, bone mass, water, BFR, muscle health, protein rate, and many others. You can easily track and take care of your complete physical fitness with this scale and smart connect app from Dr. Trust. 

This app connects your smartphone to the scale via blue tooth, and you’re good to go. Also, you can connect other fitness devices and smart bands via this. You also get a recharging facility on this scale, so there is no problem with changing batteries frequently. This intelligent device is sure to be your choice when you look for the best weighing machine in India.

Venus (India) Electronic Digital Personal Bathroom Health Body Weight Machine Weighing Scales for Human Body,Weighing Machine, Battery Included , 2 Year Warranty EPS-2001 (Purple)
8,539 Reviews
Venus (India) Electronic Digital Personal Bathroom Health Body Weight Machine Weighing Scales for Human Body,Weighing Machine, Battery Included , 2 Year Warranty EPS-2001 (Purple)
  • Looks very elegant and has floral designs on the body.
  • Venus comes integrated with an automatic tech with step sensing.
  • It can accurately measure up to 0.1 division of a kg.
  • It is a slim, lightweight, and battery-powered weighing machine.

Venus tech is always a preference for its customers because of its superb performance and compactness. EPS-2001 is such marvelous tech as it is super thin, lightweight and still takes very accurate readings. This preciseness comes from integrated quadruple G sensors, which can measure slight differences and display in-depth readings. If that tech from Venus wasn’t inspiring enough, you also get to see vibrant color options with lovely floral art. 

This feature makes weighing machines belong in household furniture and interior. You also get a non-skid glass texture and a maximum weight limit of 180 kgs. This wide and secure weighing machine is bound to impress buyers looking for the best weighing machine in India.

Omron Karada Scan Body Composition Monitor HBF-375
2,232 Reviews
Omron Karada Scan Body Composition Monitor HBF-375
  • Omron weighing scale comes with multiple health sensors.
  • Intelligent LCD display that shows various metrics.
  • Omron has tracking features like three months’ memory and a progress chart.
  • Corded scale in the machine makes this a body scanning device.

Omron has made its name in taking the game ahead with advanced Japanese tech. With HBF 375, they’ve changed the game as it is not just a weighing scale but a scanning machine that reads notes and keeps track of almost all primary body metrics like BMI, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone health, fat level, etc.  

In short, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that it works as your training partner if you’re striving to be fit. Talking about design makes you wonder at its weighing pad that is so robust and secure with a sensor screen in the middle. This screen is a corded scanner that you hold up while measuring, so it scans your whole body for metrics. You can train and keep track of your progress as it follows a memory of the last three months. 

We know that quality comes with a price. This device is an overall training program; thus, Omron offers it at a premium price. Omron is one of the most significant additions to the best weighing machine in the Indian market. You’ve just gone through our hand-picked choices for weighing machines. This list is carefully compiled and highlights the key features that make a product stand out. Also, you got to learn about how weighing scales are evolving and what innovations are being made by every brand.

This list also presented an in-depth comparison between products by describing each in adequate detail. Options on this list came from every market price segment and had something for everyone. Let’s talk about how to choose a weighing machine that is suitable for you.

Some users might not go into such details and find it even more complicated. Don’t worry, folks, as we have extensive research and buying guides for you. This guide will study and make you understand how the weighing scale works, its key components, what your priorities should be, and according to your preferences, which one you should choose. After this guide, you’ll get the required knowledge for buying an excellent weighing scale.

It is believed that the primary happiness in the world is good health. Money and other things fall short when you’re not fit enough to enjoy them. Weight is a significant part of your health, and you must keep track of it. Weighing machines are the partners in managing your weight effectively. You are right if you want to know the best weighing machine in India. Weighing machines were part of gymnasiums and doctors’ offices back in the day. 

But now, as people are getting health-conscious, they realize the importance of weight management. Hence weighing machines can be seen as a part of households around India. 

May you be an avid bodybuilder or track runner or just doing home workouts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All your fitness goals get the assistance of the weighing machine. Advancement in tech has enabled lightweight and slim weighing machines for easy carrying and management. 

Buying Guide: Best Weighing Machine In India

As a user, you must wonder if there are so many options available in the market, how you’re supposed to know which one is right and if you should buy it. There is no reason to worry now because this guide is like a handbook. It will divide critical features, the ins and outs of weighing machines, and how they work.

So after going through this guide, you’ll know about a  weighing scale:s functionality and which option is the perfect choice for your preferred combination of features and price. Let’s start with what to look for or the fundamental functions of weighing machines.

Key Features: 

These are the critical points of a weighing machine, meaning that this is how every weighing machine differs from each other, and these are the bits that advance with tech.

Types Of Weighing Machines

The weighing scale market is divided into two categories digital and analog. Now analog is becoming less of an option, and digital weighing machines hold a large market share. 

The reason is that a digital weighing machine is much sleek, lightweight, and provides more accurate results due to batteries, but it is a little expensive. Analog machines use mechanical parts that get worn out over time and thus show errors in results. 

So you should use digital weighing machines as they are convenient and continually improve themselves.

Weight Range :

Weigh range refers to the measuring capacity of a weighing machine. Most analogs of digital weighing machines have extended quantity than average weight. Most analog machines range from 5-130 kgs, whereas digital ones are more diverse, ranging from 5-180 kgs. 

Many heavy digital machines can measure up to 250 kg in maximum range. If your weighing scale has multiple users, you would want an appropriate machine with a weighing range up to decimal.

Weighing Platform :

Many users may not notice this, but the weighing platform design is also critical. First and foremost, the platform should be skid and slip-free, so you’re safe from mishaps. Secondly, it should have a rugged or rough texture, so your feet have a steady grip and weight can be measured correctly.

Also, you should keep in mind that the platform of a weighing machine should be broad and in-line balanced so weight measurements are error-free. The last thing to be aware of is that your platform is made of Glass and should have rounded corners for safety.

Sensing Technology :

While analog weighing scales work on spring and bolt machinery, they’re bound to wear out over time. Most Digital weighing machines have gravitational G or gauge sensors. These sensors come in as dual integration or quadruple integration. 

Although digital scales are efficiently accurate as they’re battery-powered and have pressure sensors, you should still go for a quad-sense device that is error-free and more reliable.

Material :

The material in respect of the weighing machine is their outer body material and build quality. Mostly analog weighing machines come with a rigid rugged platform fixed into a dual-material sturdy body made with ABS and metal. 

Opposite this, most digital weighing machines are made for aesthetic pleasure and performance. So most digital machines are manufactured with high-quality, sturdy Glass and metal support. This design makes them look sleek, feel lightweight, and measure their weight safely.

Battery vs. Charging :

Digital weighing scales are available in both changeable battery options and USB rechargeable options. You can choose the li-ion battery option for quick charging and prolonged battery life or could select temporary batteries for a budget-friendly option.

Display And Intelligence :

Analog weight meters have a typical glass display and should be big and clear enough to point correctly at the weight. Digital displays are, however, mostly made of LCD. You should look for a bright LCD with a backlight for clear vision.

Intelligence means intelligent technology that should be a part of weighing machines. Digital weight machines are popular because of their reliability and quick results. It is maintained by step on sensing and safety features like overload warning and auto power-off function. This combination ensures the weight machine is active when a user is using it. Otherwise, it saves battery.

Additional Features:

Other Metrics

Digital weighing scales like Dr. Trust or Omron have other metric systems related to weight and weight problems. These smart features decrease your dependency on professional help and advise you according to your needs. 

These metric options include BMI, Muscle Mass, Body-water requirement, Bone density, etc. The inclusion of these features turns a weighing machine into a training partner. You will feel like you’re interacting with an artificial trainer or guide. But these features come at a price and are available only on premium machines.

Smart Applications:

Many weighing machines now have a smart application for smartphones that connect via blue tooth. After connecting your machine to the app, the user can easily observe their health and progress. Also, it can give you tips about your health and any error warnings about the machine. You also get features for reminders and overall guidance for the machine.


A few digital weighing machines have a feature of keeping up to 30 days to 90 days of the memory of measurements so you can easily see the difference and progress.


You should buy a durable and strong weighing machine, and there’s no doubt about it. But sometimes accidents or errors happen, and you cannot control them. This is why you should also look for an appropriate warranty of up to one year, or more so you get protection and value for your money.

So these are some of the points you should remember while buying a weighing machine. The essence of the talk is you should get the best features according to your budget and preference. Then you’ll have the best weighing machine in India for you.

Body Weight Sensing: What You Need To Know?

So in buying guide, we learned about the basics and advancements in the field of weighing machines. We also came across the essential body metrics. Modern-day weight meters have either smart apps or in-built scanning devices for knowing your complete weight-related health details.

As a user, you may be curious to know about these additional metrics and how they’re calculated. So here, we’ll talk about essential metrics that you should mind next time you are taking care of your health and how to measure them correctly.

BMI: Body Mass Index

BMI is probably the most general health index after your weight. BMI is a ratio between your two-measure aspects of height and body. So it is calculated in the unit of kg/meter square. You should notice that BMI standards are different for both males and females.

BMI = kg/meter (weight/height) in square

A healthy BMI is considered 18.5 to 25 kg/meter square for a healthy person. The upper limit of this is overweight and obese, which means that a person is underweight.

Body Fat percentage 

This body fat percentage doesn’t mean the absolute fate amount in your body. BFP is a measurement via which you can measure body fat gathered in your physique and show a percentage value.

Muscle Mass

Muscle mass or lean muscle feature is to keep track of various muscles in your body and if you’re gaining or losing them through training. Advanced weighing machines have features for detecting and tracking your muscle progress. They’ll show a percentage digit of muscle mass in your body.

Water Requirement 

Whenever you’re clicking in those workout sessions or burning through that fat, you have to manage nutrients and water in your body. If there’s a lack of water body can be dehydrated and collapse. Modern-day weighing machines can tell you the percentage of water in your body, the requirement, and how much is available compared to fat.

Heart Rate

Heartbeat or rate is an essential indicator of your cardio health. Imagine you just got down from a treadmill or had a light workout. A new weighing scale enables you to look for abnormalities in your pulse and heart. 

Also, it can give warnings or reminders through its smart apps. If any kind of problem is found, it is advised to contact a medical expert as soon as possible.

Bone Density And Health

Bone density and mineral density tell if your bones are healthy and have enough density so that they wouldn’t get damaged. Many weighing scales like Dr. Trust have integrated features for knowing your bone health and keeping track of it.

These are some essential body metrics you should know and care about. If you have read about our top weighing machines, you would know which options have smart sensors for a combined weight and health checkup. Our advice is if you have a flexible budget, you can go for these options and get your best weighing machine in India.

Process: Properly Measure Your Weight and Other Metrics

Now you’ve learned all about weight and related indexes, you should also know the method of adequately measuring them. Go through this general process with given precautions to take an error-free measurement.

Analogue Weighing Scale 

Analog weighing scales have springs to assess the pressure and a disk to show the markings on the dial. Also, they have a custom knob many times to adjust the pointer to zero.

Considering these pointers, you should set up an analog weighing machine on a flat surface and then step on it barefooted to see if it’s spinning. Then set the knob to zero and step on it simply. The dial will turn and stop at the weight reading. See that you’re maintaining a straight posture and not moving.

Digital Weighing Scale

Digital weighing scales are battery-powered and smart enough to shut down when not used. To measure weight on them, follow this process-

  • Set up your digital scale on a flat surface and turn it on
  • Check if the battery is charged and the scale display is lit up.
  • Calibrate it and let it be set to zero.
  • Step on it, maintain a straight posture, and align your feet on the scale.
  • The scale will sense the weight and show the weight reading on display, often with a sound.

In case of additional readings –

  1. To measure additional body metrics, ensure you usually’re breathing and feeling as usual.
  2. Step on the scale barefooted and select the options you want to measure.
  3. Hold the sensor in your hand, and pull it up to the waistline creating a parallel to the floor.
  4. Let the scanner scan the metrics; don’t move or breathe abnormally.
  5. After the metrics are done, you can put the sensor back and see the complete assessment.

Many weighing scales have a reading record and smart app that will give you an assessment report and track your progress and health.

Do notice that it is better to consult a doctor if you feel something is wrong.

Taking Care Of Your Weighing Machine

After all, weighing machines are also a device and need proper care. Follow these small tips for a happy user experience with your weighing machine.

1. Always follow user manuals and guidelines.

2. Keep in mind the terms of the warranty service.

3. Maintain proper body posture and always place your scale on the flat, clean floor without any other disturbance for appropriate reading.

4. Charge or change the batteries from time to time.

5. Take care of the material and don’t overload or jump onto it.

6. Get is serviced timely from an expert for prolonged life.

Still, if you see any problems with your weight, please consult an expert. 

Some users may have some queries or questions left, so we are providing some of the most asked questions here.


Q1. Which Weighing Machines Are Better?

Well, weighing machines are basically of two types, analog and digital. You can choose either one for your preference. But it is seen in prolonged use that analog machines stop giving correct readings as their mechanical parts get worn out. 

The answer to this problem is now growing digital scales. They’re battery-powered, so they don’t have such a problem. Also, These Scales look more aesthetic and are much easy to maintain due to their thinness and lesser weight.

Q 2. Can this be the case that my weighing machine is wrong?

In reality, the manufactured weighing machines are not wrong and show accurate weight. But due to prolonged use, battery reduction and mechanical depreciation scales can get inaccurate. In those cases, get it checked by a proper serviceman, and when they’re repaired, they’re good as new at their job.

Q:3 How to calibrate your weighing machine?

You have analog scales that reset as soon as the weight is removed. On the other hand, digital scales need recalibration and are hard to set sometimes.

You can follow a simple process to calibrate your digital weighing machines. First, look through the user manual and guidelines for the solution. If it still doesn’t help, take an object and place it on a weighing scale. 

Wait for the reading, then calibrate it until it shows zero. Remove the object and see if the scale shows zero or another digit. Repeat the zero process and measure your weight.

Q:4 How to measure your weight properly?

Digital weighing machines are quite smart these days. They’ll show the reading as soon as you turn them on and step on it. You should just take care of calibration and body posture first. The complete method for taking readings has already been described in this article.

Q5. Are digital weighing scales costly?

The answer to this question is if you just need a decent weighing scale with accurate measurements, you can get it for a fair price. But if you want those advanced features and overall health measurement devices, then it will cost money for such pleasures.

Q6. Which is the best weighing machine in India for me?

We’ve been through a journey of weighing machines when all the talk is done. We end where we started, and that is, which should be the choice for the best weighing machine. The actual answer to this question is an individual choice. A user decides which option is the best according to his preferences, budget, and features he would need.


You know most of it now: weighing machines, their features, their process, and equipment qualities, along with brands. Now it is up to you to decide on the best weighing machine in India. Remember primary use of a weighing scale is managing and tracking your weight. 

In the modern era, due to a busy lifestyle and stress, we have abnormal eating habits and a lack of time. This cycle has resulted in growing obesity or malnutrition in plenty of persons. Even the youth is suffering from such problems. Weight problems have many related risks, like heart disease, hypertension, thyroid, etc. You should be aware and determined to take care of your physique and BMI. 

Weighing Machines are just a product, but the fitness goal should be attained with complete perseverance and heart. You can follow tips like a healthy diet, daily work out of 40 minutes, occasional fasting, avoiding soda beverages and fast food, getting proper sleep and drinking enough water, etc., for healthy weight management. 

We hope you liked this article, and this list will help improve your health and find the best weighing machine in India.

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