8 Best Video Doorbell In India 2023

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Are you working somewhere far from your home? With the high-end video doorbells, you can get the convenience of keeping an eye on your door. If you are caught up with leaving your child alone at home, it’s worth considering the best video doorbell that can give fantastic convenience.

It will become easy for you to ward off the salesmen and other annoying visitors. This article gives you an idea about the best video doorbells that can work as a one-stop solution to all such everyday issues.

Usually, people opt for the peephole at the door to overcome the issues. But the problem is that it isn’t compelling enough for security. Keep an eye on your door with the stylish yet effective video doorbell. It’s time to try the video doorbells and keep worries at bay. To make buying the best video doorbell easier, it’s worth considering having a look at the buying guide.


Best Video Doorbell In India 2023

Google Nest Hello Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell- White
  • Doorbell Dimensions: 17.15 x 13.03 x 20.32 cm; 440 Grams
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery required. (included)
  • Battery: lithium-ion
  • Batteries Included?: Yes
  • Battery Energy Content:4 Watt Hours
  • Advanced Wi-Fi connectivity
  • High-end HD talk and listen feature
  • 3-hour snapshot history gives convenience
  • Versatile smartphone-compatible system

Google Nest video Doorbell in India 2023 is a Smart Wi-Fi system that keeps sending alerts to the user. It is well equipped with the Nest Hello system. That said, you can rest assured that with the system’s installation, you won’t ever have to miss a visitor or a delivery. Get alert when someone’s stepping on your doorstep.

With the best video doorbell, you can get access to the Nest Aware subscription. The subscription allows you to get an alert. This is the doorbell system that streams live 24/7. The such advanced capability allows the user to check the front door anytime. Overall, it works as a versatile smartphone-compatible system. It is Supportive of the Apple iOS and Android devices.

With the intelligent doorbell system, you can get access to Wi-Fi connectivity. That said, the doorbell will give you the convenience of using it as a part of the home network. You can also synchronize your doorbell to your smartphone or tablet.

Intelligent alerts give access to receiving alerts. Thus, the path to communicating with the visitor becomes easy. With it, you can also view the live video feed. With this device, you can get access to 24/7 streaming. A 3-hour snapshot history will give you the further option to view what you’ve missed.

HD Talk and listen feature gives advanced convenience. Besides, the best video door phone in India has the additional noise and echo cancellation feature. The availability of the Person, motion, and sound alerts gives an advanced level of safety.

Remo+ Bell S Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera
2,453 Reviews
Remo+ Bell S Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera
  • Wireless Communication Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Video Capture Format: MP4
  • Voltage: 24 Volts
  • Dimensions: 13 x 2.1 x 4.6 Centimeters
  • fast-responding video doorbell
  • 1080P Full HD Video gives enhanced clarity
  • advanced motion detection with customizable motion zones
  • wide viewing angle keeps monitoring in real-time

The RemoBell S is the newest video doorbell in India that proves to be an inexpensive and usable solution to stay alert. More advanced features like person detection and sound notifications give convenience. With the doorbell, you can get the blue LED light that keeps emitting a very loud sound.

A smart video doorbell, the RemoBell proves to be the advanced two-way talk; HD video doorbell works the best. The best wireless video doorbell includes features like night vision, live, on-demand viewing, push notifications, motion zones, and other functionalities.

Three days of free video storage that you can get for free makes it a suitable doorbell. Besides, you can also get the scope for upgrading to 30 days of video. You can get support with the availability of the USB port and multiple alert tones.  The simplicity in the design makes it even better.

This doorbell can allow you to fine-tune it to suit your purpose. Adjusting motion sensitivity makes it fit for function properly regardless of the place you’re installing it. Motion alerts are also strong enough to keep you updated at all times. You can also keep adjusting the frequency of the notifications.

The performance standard of the doorbell proves to be better than many competitive models. It allows viewing a live feed in a fraction of seconds, making it more capable than many other devices. Video-based motion detection in this perfectly sized doorbell makes it better than competitive doorbells.

PANASONIC VL-SW251 Video Doorbell

  • Doorbell Dimensions : 35.9 x 29.4 x 6.9 cm
  • Batteries : 4 AA batteries
  • Included Components: Wireless Handset, Door Phone, Main Monitor
  • Night Vision available?: yes
  • 5.2-inch Colour TFT Monitor support
  • Advanced motion detection and Night Vision Camera
  • Voice Changer Function
  • The function of Monitor & Picture Recording

The Panasonic video doorbell in India in 2023 is a wireless system that lets us check the visitors from everywhere in the home. With it, you can get four wireless monitor connectable units. The 12.7-centimeter widescreen with the picture recording and voice-changing capability makes it stand out over many other competitor models.

The picture recording capability also comes with the eight consecutive still images of the visitors that get automatically recorded. This capability of the best video doorbell makes it easy to see if a person is visiting your home. You can also display the images frame by frame.

The night vision capability of the best video door phone in India is the best. It gives the door station that is well equipped with LED lights and enables the color display of the visitors. Its night vision capability makes it favorable over many other video doorbell systems.

The voice Centre option offers advanced security. It can store up to 400 images of the visitors and works with a high-resolution night vision outdoor camera. The wireless system works between the main monitor. Some monitors also support the objective of keeping track of the visitors.

Okos Wi-fi Enabled Video Doorbell
31 Reviews
Okos Wi-fi Enabled Video Doorbell
  • WiFi compatibility?: yes?
  • Resolution: 1080p Camera
  • 2-Way Audio?: yes
  • 1080p HD live video capability
  • extra sensors for advanced protection
  • wide-angle lens
  • smart motion detection for enhanced support

The Okos video doorbell in India is an advanced system to send the notification to the phone and chime whenever it detects the motion. Well equipped with the 1080p HD live video capability, this is the infrared night vision camera that can give constant alerts. With this advanced setup, you can get the opportunity to see, hear and speak to visitors.

The Okos Video Doorbell proves to be easy to install a doorbell. The doorbell comes with the Okos Smart App, making it an advanced setup to provide notifications. It also comes with tools that allow doorbell installation in less than 5 minutes. This system enables choosing to power your doorbell with the supportive quick-release rechargeable battery pack.

You can also get assistance with the extra sensors to give the advanced protection of all your doors and windows. The best wireless video doorbell can ensure the expansion of the Alarm system that can work to fit any home. The system can help manage everything with the support of the Okos Smart App.

The all-new Doorbell and the Doorbell Chime come with the resolution 1080p HD. The doorbell comes with a wide-angle lens and enhanced features to let you interact with anyone from your phone.  The availability of smart motion detection, local storage, night vision, cloud video recording, and battery backup capabilities makes it the best.

A high-quality doorbell with functionality like two-way talk with noise cancellation gives advanced security at all times.

Godrej Solus ST 7 Lite Video Doorbell

  • Doorbell Dimensions : 31.8 x 24.2 x 5.8 cm
  • Item model number: Selous ST 7 Lite
  • Components included: 1-Piece Indoor Unit, 1-Piece Outdoor Unit, 3-Pieces Connector, and 1-Piece Mounting Accessory.
  • Wide area coverage
  • Angular Wall Brackets to tilt properly
  • Addressable Intercom with multiple indoor units
  • Supportive LED system for Night Vision

Godrej ST 7 is a stylish video doorbell in India. The interface is the one that keeps on facilitating two-way communication. This system can help with the connection to up to 2 Outdoor units. With this doorbell, you can get 2 CCTV cameras. There is also the availability of 1 master monitor and three slave monitors.

Overall, the system works with the1 channel output relay. It supports the functionality of opening the slide gate. It can also ensure simultaneous Monitoring as well as talking with a visitor. The doorbell is supportive of the Point-to-point intercom as well as the broadcast function.

The best video door phone in India is well equipped with the DND -DO NOT DISTURB function. Besides, it also has the Door Lock Release function. The best part of the system is Multi-language compatibility.

The angular Wall bracket allows the screen to tilt to the sides. This is the functionality that offers the flexibility of viewing images collected clearly. With the doorbell, you can get the Hands-Free Operation. This is the special functionality imparted working with the Hands-free handset. That said, you can get the availability of the Screen Resolution.

With this doorbell, you can get the LED for Night Vision. The best part of the doorbell system is that it gives Wider Area coverage. That said, it holds the capability of monitoring the two outdoor units, with one master monitor and three slave monitors.

CP PLUS 7 Colour Display Video Doorbell
  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 4 x 2.5 cm
  • Compatible Devices: Security Camera
  • Display: 7 inch Color TFT- LCD Display
  • Batteries Required: No
  • inbuilt Nano glass camera
  • availability of Hand Free Video intercom
  • highly supportive two-way audio communication
  • easy to install and setup

The CP PLUS video doorbell in India 2023 is an amazingly designed device with 7 inch TFT- LCD Color Display. Besides, it is the system that has the four wires System. It has an entire set of equipment that makes it easy to install. That said, this is the doorbell that behaves as the ideal product for the home’s enhanced security.

Best video doorbell also comes with a Video Intercom system for making it favorable for long-term use. The functionalities make it accessible for Unlock & Monitoring. The smart system, CP PLUS Video doorbell, comes with the inbuilt Nano glass camera.

The doorbell is a modern system with the IR Color Camera equipped with an aluminum alloy panel. It also works as the Night Vision doorbell with feather-touch keypads. The system is most favorable for use as a Hand Free communication system that also offers the additional functionality of monitoring the door station.

The best part of this doorbell system is that it offers Convenient installation and easy operation. That said, it works as the Weather and Vandal-proof unit. The Outdoor doorbell comes equipped with an Indoor unit for monitoring the outside of the property. Such a doorbell gives a clear view of whoever is standing at the door. Remote monitoring of the space becomes favorable with this doorbell.

Hikvision VDP DS-KIS202 7-inch Upgraded Video Doorbell
  • Dimensions: 19.6 x 13.3 x 1.8 cm
  • Screen display size: 7 Inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Material buildup: Aluminium alloy
  • Highly supportive 2-way communication
  • Advanced echo-cancellation technology
  • seamless compatibility with CCTV systems
  • modern and updated built-in loudspeaker and the microphone

The optimum-sized video doorbell in India, Hikvision VDP, comes with the availability of a Door station equipped with a self-adaptive supplement. Besides, it comes with a 7-inch colorful TFT LCD to make it the most favorable for long-term benefits. It behaves in the form of the Hands-free type of video intercom communication.

The doorbell is a modern device that ensures monitoring of the door station and the supportive external analog camera. The doorbell guarantees Remote unlocking. Besides working as the primary visual intercom, the system guarantees seamless compatibility with CCTV systems.

Best video door phone in India also ensures high-quality video recording capability. The connection to a Hikvision NVR unit proves to be an effortless one. The system guarantees to serve as the Unit-to-Unit video calling device. The device is the most suitable for facilitating communication among the cluster of apartment units.

The best wireless video doorbell presents the echo-cancellation technology that can make it the most compatible device for voice transmission. The device is the best one to give an exceptional user experience. The advanced system is good enough with the built-in loudspeaker and microphone. The best part is the availability of the Omnidirectional, which ensures sound clarity.

ZEBRONICS 7 Inch Video Doorbell
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 5.8 x 14.5 cm
  • Mounting Hardware: Video door phone
  • screen display size: 7 Inches
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Enhanced clarity
  • Two monitors for better security assistance
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Wide degree viewing angle

Zebronics Video Doorbell in India 2023 is the most supportive unit, with an Indoor unit Screen size of 17.78cm. The Resolution of the doorbell system is 800(RGB) × 480(W). The doorbell has added features to make it highly supportive for long-term use and behave like the Hand Free model.

A smaller size door phone with a compatible screen makes the ZEBRONICS doorbell an amazing choice for you. The small screen size of the best wireless video doorbell ensures working the best within a 100 meters radius. Overall, it is an amazingly designed video doorbell and a better device than similar other systems. It gives HD quality output with a clear view.

The monitoring time of this system is 30S±10%. The doorbell 800 x 480 Resolution of this doorbell makes it the best. Overall, the door phone gives enhanced clarity and precision. That said, the doorbell’s better monitoring capability ensures monitoring the visitors who stop at your door. So, if you’re looking for a system that guarantees better monitoring and security assistance, this is the one that you should pick.

This camera’s Night Vision capability guarantees that it can remain relaxed while minding the security at night. With this system, you can get the 120° Viewing Angle to deliver better coverage.

Things to consider before buying the best video doorbell

·         Features

Cameras must be activated when someone rings your doorbell. Besides this, you should get access to the notification on the phone or other devices. It should open the way for a two-way conversation. Wi-Fi connection is yet another feature that you should pay attention to.

·         Motion detection

Video doorbells must come with the capability of motion detection available. This feature will alert you about all kinds of motion. Besides that, wide-angle viewing and detection is an essential feature that it must have. Wider-angle lenses hold the ability to sense motion even at a further distance.

·         Resolution

Doorbells with HD video standards work in the form of smart systems. You should always opt for the super-clear resolution. Pay a premium one if you need enhanced support in terms of resolution.

·         Appearance

The latest models are quite different from the traditional doorbells. You can get aesthetically appealing video doorbells that are rectangular to circular.

·         Installation modes

Consider the installation process as a must when it comes to purchasing the video doorbell. A doorbell that runs on batteries is common. Regardless of the type you opt for, make sure it is a comfortable option for the installation.

·         Video footage saving feature

Video doorbells keep operating in real-time. Always buy the one that will give you the opportunity of saving the video footage. A Cloud storage subscription or SD card provides convenience in the objective.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Best Video Doorbell?

The best video doorbell for 2021 is Google Nest Hello Smart doorbell, with numerous functionalities.

What are the best smart doorbell cameras?

Best smart doorbell Cameras come, including Google Nest Hello Smart doorbell, Remo + Bell S doorbell, CP PLUS 7 Inch Colour Display doorbell, and ZEBRONICS Video Doorbell.

Are video doorbells suitable for your home?

The video doorbell comes with the field of view, app support, resolution, and other features.

What is the best video doorbell to buy?

Nest Hello is the best video doorbell with many functionalities to make it work for extended periods.

How do smart doorbells work?

The smart doorbell worth its salt comes equipped with a video camera that keeps sending an alert to your phone. It does so along with the live video stream. It starts functioning whenever the doorbell button is pressed. The user can access the video with the mobile app for installing the device. It can also undergo configuration of the wireless settings and setting up alerts.

What is FOV on the doorbell?

FOV refers to the “field of view” as the reference to the size of the area the camera is capable of capturing.

How do you install a video doorbell?

The steps are easy. All you have to do is remove your old doorbell and then go ahead with disconnecting the two wires. Then go with connecting your new doorbell to the wires; make sure to attach it to the outside of your house. The connection to the doorbell to an existing chime box gives enhanced support.


Choosing the suitable doorbell for your home sometimes proves to be a tedious idea. But, with the proper guidance, you can get the most fantastic system to alert you.

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