7 Best Smartwatch under 2000 in India 2023

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Well, are you on the way to finding your best smartwatch under 2000? Then this is for you! Smartwatches nowadays are not just for showing time; they are designed to act as a perfect fitness partner in your daily life.  We have personally bought and tested these watches to help you get the best smartwatch under 2000. So have a look below.

Best Smartwatch Under 2000 In India 2023

1. Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smartwatch

Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smartwatch is one of the practically designed wearables according to the latest trend I saw. This is one of the best exterior designs projected by the brand, so Pulse Grand is the top most in the market currently under the 2000 pricing category.

The display size of the smartwatch is about 1.69” HD view, which brings me complete satisfaction with the view experience. The square-shaped dial having curved edges along with the LCD screen proves the unique look of the smartwatch. The sturdy quality of strap is suitable for rough usage, and it is skin-friendly to give me comfortable wear.

I feel the user interface applied in the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smartwatch is kept in a friendly manner for easy use. It gives me fine touch-responsiveness without any lagging issues. You will find the button on the right side, which acts as the power button and helps the route to the main menu column.

Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smartwatch is equipped with 60 sports modes. So it is absolutely the perfect choice mainly for the sports person. As I am fond of cricket, I tested the smartwatch on the cricket scores that estimated them perfectly, and I am happy about it. The smartwatch is not only good for its sports activity; it is possible to track most of the health features as the health programming is set to it.

The presence of health features such as stress monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen, 24*7 heart rate, and menstrual cycle is another added advantage of the device. I have tracked heart rate and compared it to the medical instrument value, which is the same on both the readings. Coming to the waterproof rating, the Noise ColorFit Pulse has an IP68 water-resistant option. So the device is stable enough to stand on the slight drizzle or rain, not suitable for being drenched entirely on water like swimming.

The smartwatch has an entirely stylish look with its 150+ watch faces where you can show your idea to the world by keeping the customized watch faces, too—even with most features like social media work, attending calls, and replying to text messages. Moving to the battery life, it lasted for about seven days, even with the usage of most of the features present in the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smartwatch.

2. boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch

boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch is designed in a beautiful setup that keeps you ahead in the stylish and its functionality. The ideal watch is perfect for daily usage as I am wearing it all the time, and it does not cause any discomfort due to its slim feature and lightweight model. The single button on the right side helps with the effortless power on/off and direct navigation to the home menu.

The attractive watch is built with a beautiful design. The weight of the boAt wave lite smartwatch is 45g, so I feel light wearing it all the time. The metal body and the potent strap combination are quite the best durability for longer life. The brand issues the watch’s three colors: vibrant black, deep blue, and scarlet red. I bought scarlet red that suits me perfectly for all my occasions.

Moving to the display part, the smartwatch comes with a 1.69″ inch HD full-touch display that brings most of the details to easy view. The presence of 550 nits of brightness is quite good enough for a clear view even when I am under the sunlight.

The user interaction in the boAt wave lite smartwatch is good but not better than the Noise smartwatch. The smartwatch consists of about ten sports modes, only the basic modes available in the device. As I am not a sports person, the watch well suits me for walking activity in providing me the calories burnt and step taken count readings.

It is also helpful in monitoring the heart rate and blood oxygen levels. So I make it to know my heart rate at any time with the help of a boAt wave Lite smartwatch. The intelligent thing I noted here is the watch supports google and Apple Fit for monitoring health activity. The associated mobile app in the smartwatch is good enough for the enhanced management purpose.

The company claims that the battery life lasts for seven days, but sadly, battery life lasts me for about five days only. But I feel it’s easy to charge the smartwatch with the magnetic charging cable. The boAt wave lite smartwatch covers the dust and water-resistant feature as it is equipped with IP68 property. The 140 number of watch faces matches my style for the different looks every day.

3. Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch

Crossbeats Ignite LYT Smartwatch is designed with the current trend and is suitable for both men and women. The design looks good, ensuring acceptable usage and a beautiful style to fit on my wrist. It gives me an excellent viewing experience on the large, rich IPS screen of about 1.69″ inches. The Ignite smartwatch has 500 nits of brightness, and a resolution of 240 x 280 pixels makes me view the crystal clear, sharp details in light and dark areas.

The smartwatch is very light, only 40g; this made me wear it all time, even during my sleep, leading to measuring my sleep pattern. The strap is quite good, but I feel it’s not durable for daily wear. Another impressive thing about the Crossbeats smartwatch is that it consists of 200+ watch faces. I used to wear different watch faces every day to match my style.

Coming to the features of the smartwatch, the user interaction is good but not better than the other smartwatch available on the market. The great smartwatch has 12 different sports modes that turn my workout session better than the previous one. I am happy to see my performance in the running activity through my smartwatch.

The presence of health tracking monitoring programs in the Crossbeats smartwatch helps notify the readings about my health. With the smartwatch, you can track your heart rate, SpO2, and sleep monitoring. The IP68 rating will continue your adventurous part without caring for the dust or water.

The unique feature of the Crossbeats Smartwatch is that it can log the sleep pattern readings for seven days and thereby analyze your sleep data. The possibility of notifications and views on the text messages makes me easier in between other works. So overall, I tell you Crossbeats smartwatch is the exemplary device to use in the available pricing value of under 2000 range.

4. TAGG Verve NEO Smartwatch

TAGG Verve NEO Smartwatch is a budget-oriented device with a style suitable for both men and women. The smartwatch’s design is built intelligently and packed in an attractive manner, which I liked most about the watch. The device uses a polycarbonate body, and the silicone strap can withstand rough usage. The brand says that the resolution of the smartwatch is 240 X 280 pixels; that is why the clarity of the picture I view is apparent. My experience is a better view strategy on a 1.69″ inch large display and the 500 NITS of brightness.

TAGG Verve NEO Smartwatch is equipped with 60 sports activities that help me with reading different sports parts. It also helps me know the tasks related to my health, such as real-time Blood Oxygen SpO2 and heart rate. However, I used the smartwatch in running mode, showing me the reading, which made me move towards my positive goal.

Bringing the right amount of sleep to me, the fantastic smartwatch is helpful as there is a sleep monitor option. TAGG Verve NEO smartwatch also has the feature to track the female menstrual cycle, which keeps you stress-free.

The battery life lasts about ten days, the same as the brand says. I am happy with the exemplary battery life suitable for long travel time. TAGG Verve NEO found comfort in my adventurous part due to the presence of the IPX68 waterproof feature. The notable smartwatch makes me hydrated and active as the device comes with water drinking and sedentary reminders. I find it helpful in viewing the notifications about the call or message, even between the other work sessions.

5. AQFIT W6 Full Touch Smartwatch

AQFIT W6 Smartwatch is one of the remarkable models in the current market that is available under the range of 2000. The incredible smartwatch paves the best in the world of a healthier life, which is comfortable for all age groups. The rectangular shape of the watch makes me quite comfortable to sit on my wrist all the time. The build quality of the strap is good as it is made using silicone material, and I feel it lasts longer even with daily usage.

Next comes the display part, one of my favorite features of the smartwatch. The AQFIT W6 display size is 1.69 inches, and the resolution is 240 x 280 pixels, which shows the perfect picture with a high clarity effect. The sleek and slight model is light in weight, so it is comfortable to wear even during my night sleep.

The presence of IP68 property in the AQFIT W6 smartwatch makes me feel free to even when I am in the shower. The soothing action on the swiping part covers the quick response to my usage without delay. The 15 sports modes in the AQUAFIT W6 smartwatch make me feel good with the fine readings when I am on Jogging action. The IP68 feature enabled on the smartwatch is suitable for continuous activity despite weather conditions.

Also, tracking 24/7 heart and blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, breathing mode, and calorie checks proves that I am on the right path and can know my health activities then and there. I received the battery life for about 9 days due to 200 mAh battery power. So, I feel it is the all-rounder watch, which is a combination of both looks and features involved in it.

6. Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 Full Touch Smartwatch

The Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 smartwatch’s design is decent and suitable for both party and formal looks. I feel the strap quality is solid but rigid, too; sometimes, finding comfortability, especially during my sleep. But absolutely, you can go for it as the strap lasts a longer life due to its strongness. As the display of the Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 smartwatch is the smallest, I am ok with it as it gives me a stylish look on my wrist due to its huge bezels. But sometimes it is not fine, mainly while reading the text.

The size of the display is a 1.3″ inch HD Color full touch screen that comes with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. So the clarity part is excellent compared to the other smartwatches in the 2000 range. The touch facility is responsive and smooth, and I enjoyed quick operation without delay. The smartwatch UI is not the current one equipped with the outdated UI like Symbian type.

Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 smartwatch provided with the 30 workout modules that issue me readings on my activity. So it is possible to enjoy my sports activity as I am very much fond of sports. I need not worry about the damage as well during my long time workout due to the presence of IP68 water resistance proof in the smartwatch.

The device is also perfect for spending time traveling, as it is equipped with a powerful battery that lasts for about six days on rough usage. I also track my health activities like heart rate and SpO2 readings intermediate of any work with easy go. The honeycomb menu is present in the smartwatch, but I feel it is difficult for quick handling. I am happy about the easy landing of the main menu with one swipe and one tap option. The other features like music remote control, camera control, finding the phone, viewing the call and messages and notifications are possible in the Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 smartwatch.

7. GOQii Smart Vital Lite Smartwatch

The sleek and lite model of the GOQii Smart Vital Lite smartwatch is exclusively popular in the market, along with the necessary features. After I bought the GOQii smartwatch, I felt best about the design part as it is the best in the list under this range.

The 1.4″ inch display with a full-touch HD screen and its weight is 34g gives me comfortable wear all the time. There are customized watch faces that help me to choose as per my preference in the specific smartwatch. If you see the quality of the strap, it is the best of all the smartwatches available for under 2000. Moving to the UI part, it is good but not better than the other competitors in the market.

The resolution of the smartwatch is 240 x 240 pixels which is enough for the crystal clear view experience. The stunning smartwatch comes with the necessary workout modes and a health tracker. The monitoring of the health activities such as heart rate, SpO2, and sleep monitoring options available in the smartwatch helps notify my sleep pattern.

The IP68 feature equipped with the GOQii Smart vital lite smartwatch is another added advantage that helps analyze the continuous report. The presence of a distance tracker, activity tracker, calorie tracker, and notifications about the messages & calls is quite surprising on the low budget. The brand admits that the Smart Vita-Lite smartwatch has a powerful battery that lasts up to 7 days and 25 days when kept on standby time. However, I get battery life for about 6 to 7 days and am unsure about the standby time.

Which Is The Best Smartwatch Under 2000?

Wrapping up with the final words, After testing all the smartwatches on the list, I feel Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smartwatch is the best under the 2000 budget. It is one of the extraordinary smartwatches that provides the 60 number of sport modes. The pretty look smartwatch proves to be the best in all features, with attractive battery life too. So if you grab the Noise ColorFit smartwatch, you need not compromise on anything from its look to its present features.