10 Best Projector Under 20000 In India 2023

By Trusha Patel

Since many different projectors are available in the market, picking the Best Projector Under 20000 one can be difficult. Many of these projectors are reliable and have quickly gathered a loyal consumer base. To help you make the right choice here is the best projector under 20000 list in detail.


Best Projector Under 20000 In India 2023

1. ViewSonic M1 Mini Portable Projector

ViewSonic M1 Mini Portable Projector | JBL Speaker | HDMI | Auto Keystone |Built-in Battery |100' Projection Image 854 x 480 | 100 Lumen Check Here for Latest Price

Honestly, the ViewSonic M1 is the best projector under 20000 in India. This Mini Projector is a pocket-sized designed projector. It has an ultra-portable design. It measures only 4×4 inches and is perfect for users looking for a mini projector. This is a LED projector with a WVGA resolution and supports 1080p. It has a Smart Stand that doubles as a lens cover and helps place the projector in different angles and positions. 

It comes with an integrated JBL speaker that delivers premium audio and is suitable for music and movies at home. This mini projector has a plug-and-play USB connection, which allows for simple playback of photos, movies, or presentations without connecting to a PC or laptop. The built-in battery provides around 2.5 hours of power. It has a swappable control panel so you can customize its looks. It is also compatible with power banks so that you can charge it anywhere and anytime. 

2. 5G WiFi Projector, 9800LUX Native 1080P Projector

5G WiFi Projector, 9800LUX Native 1080P Projector, 220” Display Video Projector w Tripod, Portable Outdoor Projector for TV Stick, Video Games,HDMI/USB/AV/PS5, iOS Android Smartphone Synchronize Check Here for Latest Price

5D Wifi 9800LUX is a premium projector available under 20000. It has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. It has a minimum Throw distance of 5 Feet and a Maximum throw distance of 20 Feet. This projector has the latest screen synchronized technology. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows 10 and can bring you flawless and high-quality audio videos. It has a high brightness setting, and the diffuse reflection tech delivers a soft image to the eyes while keeping the image bright and clear. 

This projector is compact and is around 30% lighter than average projectors. It is perfect for users who are always on the go. It has built-in 4W Dual speakers that have excellent audio quality and a theatre-like experience. The video tech in this projector is made to show clear videos while not consuming extra lamp power. This product comes with a 12-monthly money-back guarantee and a three-year repair and technical guidance support.

3. BORSSO® BS28 Android 9 Projector

2023 BORSSO® Ultima, Android 9, Full HD Projector 1080p Native LED Display 12000 Lumens (1120 ANSI), Auto Focus & Auto 6D Keystone, 4K(HDMI Signal) HDR 5G WiFi 6 & Bluetooth, Support. 3D Projector Check Here for Latest Price

BORSSO BS28 is an affordable projector one can get under 20000 in India. It has a 1080P Native Resolution, and it also supports 4K. The projector can show sharp, detailed, and clear images. It delivers a bright, large screen that is perfect for a family to watch together. It has fantastic color accuracy and sharp image detail, all adding to the experience. This projector supports HD/ USB/ AV/ HDMI/ AUDIO OUT. 

It has a USB connection that can easily be plugged into a smartphone. HDMI can be easily connected to a laptop, computer, or audio device. This projector offers a huge projection screen, all in the most authentic and accurate colors and incredibly detailed way. It has a brightness of 3500 Lumen and is very convenient to replace a theatre experience. 

4. AGARO AG120 Android Projector

Agaro Ag120 Android Projector, WiFi Projector 4K Supported, 3000 Lux 200' Display Movie Projector, Compatible with Phone, Computer, Laptop, USB, Outdoor Entertainment with 8Gb Internal Memory Check Here for Latest Price

AGARO AG120 Android projector under 20000 is suitable for home or office use. It is recommended for home entertainment like watching movies or listening to music. If the HDMI is connected to a laptop, it can also be used for presentations. This projector has a video quality of 1920 x 1080 resolutions. Its brightness is 3000 Lumens and can give satisfactory audio and video quality, especially for home entertainment. 

This projector is lightweight and compact. It is portable and can be carried out efficiently. It weighs around 3800 grams. It comes with two 5W speakers and gives a fantastic audio experience that is high quality. It also provides wireless connectivity via WiFi and is compatible with Android. It has a lamp life of 50,000 Hours and uses power effectively while charging. 

5. Wanbo T2 Max LCD Projector

Wanbo T2 Max LCD Projector LED Support 1080P Vertical Keystone Portable Mini Home Theater Projector Check Here for Latest Price

Wanbo T2 Max is a recent projector under 20000 from Wanbo in India 2023. It has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. It has a remote control for easy control and has a brightness of 250 lumens. This projector has built-in Android and can quickly display content from pre-installed Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc. It also has Google Play pre-installed audio videos, downloads any apps you want, and watches them on a big screen. This projector gives a stunningly clear visual with a 1080p FHD resolution. The projector is compatible with a 4K display. It has a giant 100-inch screen size. 

This Best Projector In India is compact, portable, and travel-friendly, so you can enjoy your movies and other entertainment anywhere. The screen is adjustable. You can adjust it vertically or horizontally, which is suitable for having a clear display even if you display it from a corner. It has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 WiFi connectivity for a wireless and easy connection. It supports screen mirroring on both Android and iOS.

6. Generic YG230 Mini Portable Projector

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Generic YG230 is the most popular Projector you can buy for under 20000. It offers a 640*360 Resolution, and it supports 1080P. The images and videos are high definition and great for a family experience in their spare time. It has an HD/ Micro USB/ USB/TF Card/AV port, which helps connect the projector to external devices like computers, video players, game consoles, or USB devices. This mini projector is lightweight; it weighs only 469 g. It is also compact and portable, easy to carry around, and perfect for users who like to take their projectors while traveling. 

This Projector’s LED resource has an eye-protecting lens, which shows the images and videos softened to the eye for less screen damage. The light does not harm kids or adults. The pictures and videos are of adult quality, clear and detailed. The light is also energy-saving, uses optimum energy, and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. This projector has a built-in speaker and screen, 26 x 100 inches. The projection screen can be adjusted and customized to fit the area and space. Overall this projector is compact, easy to carry, and gives explicit videos with premium sound.

7. XElectron The Lightest 1080P Android Projector

XElectron The Lightest 1080P Native Resolution Smart Android Projector L7A FHD | 5000 Lumen with 220 inch Large Screen | Multiple Ports | 2021 Release Check Here for Latest Price

XElectron The Lightest is an excellent Projector under 20000 to try from XElectron. It has built-in android 6.0, with the help of which you can select entertainment from the pre-installed apps or install new apps of your desire. It has 1GB RAM and 8 GB Internal Memory. You can place the projector in any corner of the room and still get the desired screen with the help of some customizable screen options. It has a remote control to make the operation easy. This projector has a screen resolution of 1920×1080, 2200:1 contrast ratio, and 50,000 hours of lamp life. 

XElectron is an Indian brand that has been in the international market for over ten years and is a reliable option. A bright 5000 Lumen video projector that can give bright, clear, and detailed projection and is suitable for entertainment at home or office presentations. It has a screen of 50 to 220 inches, and the projection distance could vary between 5 feet to 20 feet. It supports 4K as well. This device comes with a warranty of one year. XElectron is an Indian brand that has been in the international market for over ten years and is a reliable option. 

8. Bushwick WiFi Ready Ultra Smart TV Projector

Bushwick WiFi Ready Ultra Clear Display Full HD Smart TV Projector with 1 Year Warranty Check Here for Latest Price

Bushwick Ultra is the latest addition to our best projector under 20000 list in India 2023. The Clear Display Projector’s Imaging system has LCD technology and more than 30,000 hours of LED lifespan. The screen has a brightness of 1800 Lumens and a 2200:1 contrast ratio. The screen resolution is 1200*800 and supports up to 1920 * 1080 video resolution. The screen’s brightness is 1800 lumens and can showcase bright, good-quality images and videos. Its screen has impressive color production and focuses on details. The glass lens is high quality and multi-chip coated, giving it better temperature resistance and transmittance. 

The projector comes with a built-in speaker of 5W and SRS sound technology. SRS sound technology is the best in devices, giving high quality and premium sound experience. It can provide an enhanced home theatre experience. The images can be rotated while playing multimedia files. The screen size is 28 to 180 inches, and the projection distance is between 1.2m to 5.5m. The projector can give a clear frame, and the optimal size of images can be adjusted. This speaker also comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect to an external speaker or earphones. 

9. Boss S13 Office/Home Full HD Projector

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Boss HD Projector under 20000 in India 2023 has a screen resolution of 1280x720P and supports up to 1080P. This projector is compact, portable, and suitable for entertainment at home or office work like presentations. It also has semi-Android and Bluetooth features. These features allow you to watch entertainment from various apps like Netflix, Prime, Youtube, etc. The speakers of this projector have premium sound and add to its experience. 

BOSS S13 is an overall media hub for home entertainment. This projector easily connects with HDMI, VGA, USB, and AV inputs. This projector is also compatible with TY Sticks and Chrome cast. It also comes with advanced noise reduction technology and an innovative cooling system. The sound system of this projector does not disappoint and can give an incredible experience with music. Boss has been a trusted brand for years in the international market, and the product is reliable. It has also met many positive customer reviews and feedback over the years. 

10. AUN Media18 Full HD Projector

AUN Media18 Full hd Projector for Home, 5500 Lumens Full HD Projector with 300' Display Compatible with TV Stick, Set Top Box, HDMI, VGA, USB, Laptop, for Multi Media Home, Office Check Here for Latest Price

AUN Media Projector under 20000 for home has a screen resolution of 1 920 × 1080 and 5000:1 contrast. The brightness is 5,500 Lumens, and this projector has lamp hours of 30,000. This projector has a giant projection screen of 50 to 500 inches. And the projection distance varies from 5.5 ft to 30.18 ft. This AUN projector is compatible with various devices since it has 2*HDMI, AV, VGA, USB, SD Card, and Audio Out Ports. AUN projector connects easily to devices like TV Stick, X-BOX, PS4, PC, Laptop, USB sticks, SD cards, Android or IOS devices, etc.

This projector has a built-in speaker that gives high-quality sound, so it does not need external speakers. The sound is clear and room-filling and offers a fantastic experience with music. The images shown on the screen can be easily adjusted. The projector has a manual that guides the user regarding customizations and adjustments. 

Which Is The Best Projector Under 20000 In India 2023? 

Projectors are a common source of home entertainment these days. Since there are various them in the market, the above list of the best projectors under 20000 will help you pick the best one for yourself and your family’s entertainment. 

Our first and foremost recommendation is ViewSonic M1, whose swappable panel makes you customize as you wish. What we loved most about it is that it is compatible with power banks that help you charge anytime. This Projector is a fantastic tool to enhance your entertainment experience and is fun to relax to.

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