10 Best Projector In India 2023

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

A projector is something that is used to project information or presentation that is on the computer over a bigger screen. It is easy to use, and depending on the size of the hall, the features and characteristics vary. Multiple projectors are available in the open market with various dimensions, and here we are discussing the best projector in India based on diverse characteristics and factors.

Here, we speak about the top 10 projectors in India based on product functionalities, characteristics, and features, and this list will help you make the final purchase.


Best Projector In India 2023 & Buyer’s Guide

1. Epson EH-TW650 Home Projector

  • The projector can have an image size of up to 300 inches.
  • It has a diagonal image feature with 100-inch, which helps to have a better image at 7 feet distance also.
  • For composite signals of audio and video, it has got RCA connectors that can offer the best audio experiences.
  • There are also speakers inbuilt, which is 2 watts monaural with split screens.

Though there are various projectors in the market, EPSON tops this market. EPSON is a well-reputed brand, and choosing the projector of our choice can always be EPSON because it has a good brand reputation.

This projector can be used up to 300-inches, which can be availed at a low cost and has a wide range of characteristics. The projector’s color brightness is excellent, and it offers HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 with the help of Lumens of 3100. This makes the projector stand out of the box. 15000:1 is the contrast ratio of the projector. It has two ports, HDMI, and where 1 supports MHL.

A few components included in the projector are remote control, warranty cards, and batteries. The product is around 3 kg of weight and has 2 USB ports. If the purpose is only for a crowd of 300 people, then you can easily buy this from stores. It’s the first best projector in India.

2. iT_Hub - K2 - Smart Edge Projector

  • The projector is very sleek and slim
  • From every side of the hall, one can see a better picture because of the picture clarity it has. The LED illumination is not flashy and easy on your eyes.
  • Through USB cables or memory cards, you can use everything wireless.
  • It gives the best sound ever with outstanding image quality.

The smart edge projector has many built-in features, and it is silver in color with a pleasant look when kept in a hall. It has excellent features to make it one of the best projectors in India. It can be used for both private and corporate functions. The projector, when in use, looks like a home theatre with real-life picture quality. It has true 300Ansi lumens brightness, giving a high picture quality.

The projected screen can look like a tablet and a mini home theatre. The size varies from 15 inches to 300 inches diagonally. And the best thing is that the projector has two years warranty plan.

It has built-in features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities with an active 3D shutter. It has a Microsoft office and DLNA with stereo speakers. One can also access YouTube, Netflix, and other browsers. 

Unlike all the other projectors, it doesn’t weigh so heavily but only 900 grams. It will be a perfect companion if there is no television at your home. This helps you go wireless – anywhere and anytime.

It consumes very little power as it has a lithium-ion battery. All these characteristics give a tough fight in the market among the other projectors in India. To quickly buy this projector, use the below link and purchase it.

3. ViewSonic M1 LED Harman/kardon Projector

  • The projector weighs only 2 pounds, and hence it is easily portable.
  • It has an innovative built-in stand which will make it easy to setup
  • M1’s DLP light engine has a perfect resolution of 854 X 480
  • It has an ideal storage space of 16 GB
  • It has a brightness up to 360 lumens which is very fair for a portable projector
  • 3D performance is the highlight among all the other projectors

ViewSonic, a famous brand in the industry, has this portable projector with many new features. This projector delivers convenient entertainment to the audience because it can be carried anywhere easily and hence can be termed the best projector in India.

It is usually small when it is portable; this projector is the same. People think if it is low, the features may not be proper, but it is not the case – this projector has incredible features. The audio is of high quality with 2 Harman Kardon speakers which will deliver room-filling audio. The setup is effortless, like carrying it from one room to another. It has simple installation and controlling features like just plug and play. It has a long battery life, which will stand up to 6 hours, and charges very quickly.

The connectivity is very flexible, and it supports most of the media players without any hindrance. It will support all types of cables and all sorts of devices and USB ports. Nowadays, there are a lot of port facilities, and few projectors won’t support all of them – this will support all types.

4. Epson EB-S41 SVGA 3300lm Projector

  • The projector supports 3300 lumens for bringing a high-quality resolution and picture quality.
  • Allows wireless transmission
  • Supports connection for long ranges, therefore, solving all the conventional problems
  • Connectivity options are multi-faceted and support almost all the types.
  • For business, this projector is the best for presentations because of its easy to use SVGA facility.

With this projector, you can experience a big screen to capture everyone’s attention. It will quickly grab the users’ experience from box sets to the branding presentations this projector can use. The brightness facility in the projector will have excellent quality even when it is ambient light. It is an affordable projector with a very reasonable cost for its highly equipped technology.

This SVGA projector has a long-lasting solution, and it is portable. It is easy to set up in any hall or even room. It is easily adjustable according to the screen size. It can be easily transported with a carry case and keystone slider for aligning the diagonals quickly. These features make it the best projector in India.

It acts as an impactful home projector for those who need a projector for their homes. The white color adds a touch of class to the projector, making it look luxurious. Though there are a lot of impressive features, few among them are listed below.

This projector has a horizontal key slider and has an extreme contrast ratio of 15000:1. Few projectors, when viewed from the sides, will give a rainbow effect – you could get so no such effect when you use this projector.

5. PLAYTM MP1 Smart WiFi Full HD Projector

  • The projector has a feature of airplay and DLNA
  • It is also known for its long-lasting performance.
  • It supports almost all the audio and video formats.
  • It can be used as a personal projector for home theatres because it is best suited for that purpose.
  • The picture size is projected up to 35-120 inches.

The projector is of brand PLAYTM, and it has a lot of facilities, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This best projector in India has 4000 lumens brightness and has a native resolution of about 1280 * 720. It has an excellent power facility, meaning it can live up to 6-8 hours once charged.

LED lifetime is having longevity of about 50,000 hours. It is also portable as all other projectors. It can’t be called as handy, but undoubtedly not heavy to carry around rooms in colleges and offices. It has a smart Wi-Fi facility and a youtube projector. The projection technology used is both LCD and LED. It will support all types of cables like the US, UK, EU, and Indian plugs. 

It also has a personal convenience like home theatre projection, which can be used in a small space. It has a 3D performance, known as red and blue 3D performance. It weighs around 1 kg and has a contrast ratio of about 3000:1 and 6000:1. This digital projector is the best in India, and you can try purchasing it from the open market.

6. EGATE i9 Led HD Android WiFi Projector

  • The projector has a120-inch large screen display
  • Direct can be played using the USB
  • 40,000+ years of lamp longevity
  • Supports more than 16k+ colors and has a quad-core CPU

The projector EGATE i9 LED is a full HD projector with an extreme contrast ratio for the resolution that is 1000:1. It has a 120-inch display. It is accompanied by multiple interfaces: HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD card, and audio out.

This is used in homes for home theatres and comes with a setup box. This projector can use DVDs, Bluetooth, and a pen drive. This projector has got a 1-year warranty. It has 1500 lumens with 120 ANSI. Due to its utility, it has a place on the list of best projectors in India.

Unlike other projectors, there is a specialty in this – it is ISO 9001:2008 certified product and weighs just 1 kg. Hence, it is easily portable as per your wish. The lamp life is 40,000 hours, and one can boast the best native resolution of about 800 X 480. 

EGATE is one of the top brands offering the best projectors in India for various industries like business, education, and home entertainment. Each model has some distinct features with a lot of innovations. Every product will have some enhancements with quality and reliability features. The LCD panel gives a crystal-clear image quality and importance to every minute detail. Just plug in your data and start playing your video/audio.

With many features, this projector is undoubtedly the best for personal requirements. The cost is reasonable and affordable. The image quality speaks a lot, and there are a lot of reviews about the image quality. Having experience at home with crystal-clear image quality is a blessing. Hence, the money you pay is worth it. If the requirements are suitable, you can buy this best projector in India from any leading store.

7. Myra® TouYinGer X7 Led 1800 Projector

  • The projector method is front, rear ceiling, and tabletop + mount
  • Supports multiple picture formats and audio formats
  • Zoom is supported using an electronic horizontal and vertical flip.

Choosing the best projector in India can be challenging, but with companies like Myra, the task becomes very easy. Since we trust the brand – we, in turn, trust the products too. This projector, named Myra TouYinger X7, is an LED projector with 1800 lumens brightness.

The projector screen size is from 37-130 inches. The optical resolution varies from 800 X 600 dpi to 1080p. The screening range is from 4:3 / 16:9 ratio. The brightness is outstanding when projected because it has 1800 lumens. The 3D performance is excellent, but for somehow reason, it is not supported for professional usages like offices, colleges, and education. It is best suited for personal purposes.

The projector is easily carried to any place and has an LED lamp of 20,000 hours. The contrast ratio is 1000:1.

The projector does not support a pen drive or hard disks but only supports a USB. It is available in 2 colors – white and black. There are a lot of features that will cater to this projector for personal use rather than professional usage. Few users require elegant and straightforward projectors; this will be the right choice for them.

8. EGATE i9 Led HD 1920 x 1080 Projector

  • The projector method is front, rear ceiling, and tabletop + mount
  • Supports multiple picture formats and audio formats
  • Zoom is supported using an electronic horizontal and vertical flip.

EGATE, being the best projector in India, the manufacturer has a wide variety of projectors. Each projector will be used for different purposes; one can’t serve all the requirements at a stretch. Hence EGATE has customized and catered it according to the specifications received.

If you are looking for a projector to play games and watch movies, there is no better choice than this. Since it is an Indian brand, there are a lot of service centers in the town, and you can readily make use of it.

EGATE projector has a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Almost all the projectors have these warranty periods, but EGATE provides special services if required based on the requirements since they are based out of India.

It has a multi-screening facility via miracast and airplay. DLNA is another feature that will get a light output of about 0-2000 lumens. The LED lamp hours are around 30,000.

It has a 120-inch screen display and 1500 lumens with 120 ANSI. It doesn’t have a 3D performance but has a projection distance of about 9 feet, and the maximum projection size is around 3 meters.

The projector is costed reasonably and has a maximum projection of up to 8 feet. The brightness level is around 1500 lumens, which is suitable for personal usage. It can serve as a home theatre for us and has only 1 HDMI port. It is portable because of its lightweight.

9. PUNNKK HD (1080p) 800 Lumen Projector

  • The projector has 3D performance
  • It has a zoom lens and a manual focus option.
  • Projection mode is in the front.

The projector PUNNKK is a brand that has a good reputation. The projector size is 20-80 inches, and the projection distance is 1-2 meters with manual remote control.

The LED lamp life is up to 30,000 hours and with a resolution is 1080p with a contrast of 1000. It is an LCD projector and rated reasonably. For simple usage, this is the best option as a projector. The dimensions are 30 X 19 X 10 cm and weigh around 2kg; hence easily portable. This is 9th in the list of best projectors in India.

10. Ooze Punnkk P5 Mini LED Projector

  • The projector is designed for professional use.
  • It has manual as well as auto focus for zooming and better picture quality.
  • Better sound and video output for effective presentation.
  • Durable and sturdy model with vibrant look.
  • Multiple access system to have better utility.

The ooze punk P5 mini projector is very easy to move from one place to another. It has a beautiful design and looks very elegant in its white color.  The professional appearance adds extra spice to the luxurious look. The design is for ventilation and to improve the stability and lifetime of the projector. This is the last one on the list of best projector in India.

It supports 1080p with HD quality with an input screen scale of 4:3. There is an option for manual focus adjusting. To get the picture from the computer to the projector screen of 20-80 inches, you can make a manual adjustment depending on the size of the crowd.

Easy changing is an additional advantage with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 4:3. It is an echo-oriented projector and consumes very little power compared to other projectors. It has a multi-functional input facility with many options like HDMI, VGA, USB, AV, and AUDIO OUT. It also contributes to environmental protection by having 30,000 lamps life.

Why should you refer to the buying guide?

As a presenter, when you start using the projector, several types of projectors will be available on the market. How will you choose the best projector in India? Depending on the size of the room or hall, the projector varies from person to hall. Depending on the characteristics and frequency of usage, one must use the projector.

Nowadays, every projector manufacturer claims they are the best, and it becomes challenging to choose the best. Every manufacturer will come up with many strategies to sell their products. There is severe competition in the market between the projector manufacturers in India.

It is understood that choosing the best projector in India is a time-consuming task, and one should do proper research to get the best one according to their needs. Here is a list of compiled projectors available in the market; you can effortlessly choose the desired product which will suit your requirements. 

The Best Projector in India – Buying guide

Types of projectors

A projector is commonly used in colleges, classrooms, and conferences. It is also used for business presentations. There are two main types of projectors:

1.      LCD – Liquid crystal display

2.      DPL – Digital line processing

3.      CRT – Cathode ray tubes

LCD projectors utilize polarized mirrors, reflecting only specific light colors over the time of screening. DLP projectors are further classified into 1-chip and 3-chip projectors. Each chip will, in turn, reflect light every millisecond. Projectors are also classified based on lumens and lenses.

Table of Comparison

·         It uses modern technology with a liquid crystal display. ·         It is considered an old technology projector compared to the LCD
·         It is primarily used in large areas. ·         It covers a small area
·         It can offer better resolution ·         The resolution is comparatively of low quality.
·         It is a little higher side on cost.  ·         It is portable and with less weight with a beautiful structure.·         Nowadays, these projectors are cost-effective. ·         It seems bulky and a little cumbersome compared to the LCD 

Features that you must check while going for a projector


Resolution is usually evaluated in pixels based on dimensions. Never have the idea that higher resolution is always better, depending on the size and usability – it is subject to change. The ideal projector for you is when you match the projector’s resolution to the screen’s resolution.

LAMP hours:

The lamp hours are always resettable. The lamp hours will usually be 30,000, indicating through a red sign that it is over. After you see a red sign, you should always reset it for a smooth function of the projector.

Operation system 

Ensure that the projector and computer are turned off. Connect the video cable, usually VGA, from the laptop’s socket to the projector. Plug your projector into the electrical outlet and then press the power button to turn it ON.

Turn on the laptop, and if you need audio of the presentation, switch on the Audio ON port to the projector. Now sync the projector using the function key and toggle between F4-F8. This is one of the options to connect the projector.

Another option is when the computer and projector are switched ON; you need to choose the projector option on your desktop, which will say Connect Projector.

What makes the projector essential for personal users?

The whole idea of the projectors is to convert a smaller image to a bigger one. Anything tiny will appear prominent on the screen. Projectors are mediators who perform this job hassle-free. The efficiency will vary according to the size of the rooms and the crowd.

When done, a certain amount of light is required to trigger the human eye and its sensors – brightness comes from the projector. Color clarity should be proper when using the projector also. When you so blue color on the computer but see purple on the projector – it doesn’t make sense. So, projectors should show only what’s there on the computer exactly.

The digital Projectors:

Digital projectors are categorized based on resolution and lumens. When the pixel density of the image is projected on the screen using the projector, the projector will have two types of resolution – native resolution of the nature resolution, and the other one is called maximum resolution.

Significance of Lumens

When purchasing the projectors, you may say lumens everywhere. Lumens refer to brightness in the projectors. The more the lumens, the more brightness the projector can give. The brightness of the projected image is decided using the lumens present.

The next thing to consider in the projectors is the throw distance. Throw distance is nothing but the maximum distance from the projector to the last person in the crowd. It measures how much the projector can throw the information/light from the screen to the audience.

Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio is nothing but the height and width of the image that’s projected from the screen.  When buying a projector, it is always important to look for the projector’s aspect ratio. It is usually 4:3 and 16:9.

Different projectors will have different aspect ratios; you must decide on which aspect ratio you need. The next thing we need to look after is the display features. The fixed keystone correction and lens shift functions must be considered while purchasing a projector.

Benefits of having a projector

·         LED Life span

LED has a longer lifespan than lamp-based projectors. With an average lifespan of only 6000 hours, the other projectors are overcome by the LED projectors with a lifespan of 20000 minimum hours.

·         Portability

LED projectors are small but efficient in functionality. It is easily portable to any place and weighs up to 3kgs.

·         Media player

LED projectors can function without a PC or any other player that’s connected to it.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Projectors In India

Q. How do I flip the image after mounting it on the projector?

Ans. In any projector, select the setup option, and then under that, go to installation to choose the menu. Within the installation option, go to orientation, and then inside that, select the desktop font to change the option of ceiling or mounting. The choice should depend on the direction when the unit is facing the screen.

Q. What to do if the lamp LED light turns red?

Ans. If the lamp indicator turns red in your projector, the lamp’s battery life has been used beyond its longevity. Every projector will have a lamp battery life. It is usually 30k-50k hours- once it exceeds the limit, the light becomes red. You must reset the lamp hours using the remote control if this happens. Sometimes the lamp light may be orange color, which means that it is in standby mode, and all you must do is hold the button for some 10-15 seconds.

Q. When I do the presentation, how do I go to the next slides using a remote?

Ans. For this, you may need an additional accessory for the projector as you will not get this along with the projector. The accessory is called a remote mouse receiver, and you can get it from the NEC website.

Q. What type of screen is used for NEC projectors?

Ans. The ideal screen on installation, depending on the size of the rooms and the lighting, is recommended to contact the screen installer for screen recommendations. The installer will be the right person to cater to your requirements; hence just call them to seek advice.

Q. How to switch on the eco-mode?

Ans. It is straightforward to select the eco-mode. You must select the lamp mode and then use the menu to choose the eco-mode option. 

Q. What is the PC card slot used for?

Ans. The PC card slot is situated in the central unit and allows them to make presentations without the help of a PC.  When you insert a compact flash or a memory card, any items stored in that will get projected on the screen. The projector can project images of formats JPEG, BMP, TXT, and text-only HTML files of all sizes.

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