10 Best Printer Under 15000 In India 2023

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Buying the Best Printer Under 15000 Rupees becomes more vital that you will never want to run out of printing! So, if you are on your way to buying the best printer under 15000, then read this complete article first.


Best Printer Under 15000 In India 2023

1. Brother DCP-T520W All-In-One Printer

Brother DCP-T520W All-in One Ink Tank Refill System Printer with Built-in-Wireless Technology Check Here for Latest Price

In our personal view, the Brother DCP-T520W is the best printer under 15000 in India 2023.  Brother’s printer will speed up your activities with document print speeds of 28/11 ppm. This will allow you to print more sheets less, saving time and effort.

With the Brother All-in-one ink tank printer, you can confidently make sturdy business materials that will help you make a good impression in front of hundreds, giving you the advantage of attracting attention among the mob, from professional documents to good brochures. The refill tank system of Brother’s printer is noticeable as it has a transparent top that offers simple access to the aggregate ink tank from the front. The printer comes with a user-friendly design and is intended to reduce the risk of mess and leakage.

And if you buy this printer for your office needs, then let me tell you, your whole office can comfortably share one device because of the built-in Wi-Fi. Moreover, the DCP-T520W printers have direct mobile print features, through which you can print wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. Overall, it is a perfect fit for your printing needs.

2. Canon MF3010 Digital Laser Printer

Canon MF3010 Digital Multifunction Laser Printer, Black, Standard Check Here for Latest Price

The Canon MF3010 is a premium printer one can get under 15000 in India. The digital multifunctional laser printer is predominantly used in offices as it offers multifunctional features. The printer provides incredible scan quality and can easily connect through the USB.

The printer is stylish and user-friendly, which allows easy operation of the device. With the Canon multifunction laser printer, you can save time and improve your productivity as the printer provides a high print speed of up to 18ppm and a first printout time of 7.8 seconds. 

The printer gives 1200 × 600 dpi so that the most delicate prints are crisp monochrome. It comes with 64Mb of inbuilt memory, allowing you to store and print your documents without any trouble. The MF3010 laser printer uses the toner cartridge 925 that aggregates the photosensitive drum, cleaning unit, and toner reservoir in one package, making toner replacement easy. This Canon printer is ideal for small offices and regular homes with high-value requirements at a fast speed.

3. HP Ink Tank 415 Colour Printer

HP Ink Tank 415 Wi-Fi Color Printer, Scanner & Copier with High Capacity Tank for Home/Office, B&W Prints@ 10 Paise/Page*, Color Prints@ 20 Paise/Page*, Compact, Easy Mobile Printing Check Here for Latest Price

The HP 415 is an affordable printer available under 15000 in India. The HP Printer expands the print area to enhance the experience and provides the finest quality print. Thus, with the HP 415 printer, you can print anything you want at a very cheap per-page cost and have more printouts on hand.

This HP printer comes with reusable bottles and innovative ink tank technology to make your printing more convenient, eco-friendly, and hassle-free. With the intelligent task feature, you can eliminate steps involved in frequent activities with one-touch customized shortcut options.

You will get an 8ppm print speed with the HP 415 dip. It offers simple connectivity with applications like Alexa and googles home that will allow you to control your printer without leaving the current location. This will give you time to relax! Plus, you can connect directly to your printer over a wireless network. Thus, the HP ink Tank 415 color printer can complete all your printing, scanning, and copying tasks quickly.

4. Canon imageCLASS LBP2900B Laser Printer

Canon imageCLASS LBP2900B Single Function Laser Monochrome Printer (Black), Black/White, Standard Check Here for Latest Price

The Canon LBP2900B is a compact printer under 15000 in India 2023. The laser shot LBP2900B is a popular, compact, and user-friendly printer from Canon. This Canon laser printer prints a large number of documents at a fast speed.

In addition, the Best Printers In India come with a space-savvy design, so they can easily be accommodated in compact spaces. It prints crisp and clear monochrome documents, presentations, and much more in professional laser quality. The printer offers super-fast printouts of up to 12 pages per minute for A4 sheets, with the first printouts in 9.3 seconds. Thus, you will get speed and quality in one.

Canon brand offers exclusive on-demand fixing technology, which instantly transfers heat when activated. This quick warm-up time enables the printer to work fast from standby mode, delivering fast results while saving your power cost. The Canon printer uses a 303TS toner cartridge. And it is ideal for small offices and regular homes.

5. HP 315 All-In-one Ink Tank Printer

HP 315 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer with USB Connectivity (Black) & GT 52 Yellow, Magenta, Cyan Ink Bottles (1 Printer+1Black Ink Bottles+3 Color Ink Bottles) Combo Check Here for Latest Price

HP 315 is a stylish printer you can buy under 15000 in India 2023. If you are looking for a top-quality printer with advanced technology and superior features, then the HP 315 all-in-one ink tank printer is all you want. The printer comes in 52.5 × 55.35 × 25.66cm and 4.67kg weight and has a high-speed 2.0 USB connectivity.

The printing rate of this monochrome printer is 19 pages per minute, and for color printing, it is up to 15 pages per minute. It provides you with productive output by consuming less power voltage. The positive thing is that you can refill the ink in the printer because of its spill-free system. With the HP 315 Ink tank printer, you can get excellent fade-free prints on all sheets, such as A4, B5, A6, and DL envelope size pages. The compatible ink used for this printer is 315 HP GT51XL Black ink. It is a monochrome printer that will give you darker and clear prints with quick printing speed. Thus, you can easily print 6000-8000 pages in a month.

6. HP Neverstop 1000w Monochrome Printer

HP Neverstop 1000w WiFi Enabled  Monochrome Laser Printer, 80% Savings on Genuine Cartridge, Self Reloadable with 5X Inbox Yield, Smart Tasks with HP Smart App, Low Emission & Clean Air Quality Check Here for Latest Price

If you buy an HP Neverstop 1000w laser printer under 15000, the laser imaging drum can provide up to 5000 pages. You can start printing without turning off the laser printer to get high-quality photo printing.

With HP’s never stop laser printer, you can restore all toner levels to ensure no mess and stress. And its toner refill kit’s revolutionary design, you can get back to printing in seconds. Plus, compared to other HP printers, the HP never-stop monochrome printer offers the lowest toner prices. This Neverstop printer delivers crisp text and bold blacks so that you can depend on consistently excellent prints from this innovative laser. Isn’t it fascinating that an HP laser printer allows you to print large quantities? Now, you can impress people around you with the excellence of this HP laser printer.

7. Brother DCP-T220 All-In-One Printer

Brother DCP-T220 All-in One Ink Tank Refill System Printer Check Here for Latest Price

The Brother DCP-T220 ink tank printer is an excellent printer under 15000 to recommend. It comes with a document print speed of 28/11 pages per minute. So, the brother printer will speed up your workflows so that you can do more in a bit of time.

You have to print professional reports or outstanding brochures. You can confidently and very conveniently create robust print materials that will make the right impression on you in your business. Also, you can save more with every print by using this Brother all-in-one ink tank printer. The printer can print around 7,500 pages in black and white and approximately 5,000 in color. The Brothers brand genuine and affordable ink ensures the machines’ longevity and print heads so you can pinch pennies in the long run.

In addition, the Brothers ink tank printer features a transparent cover that allows easy access to the ink tank. And the user-friendly design of the Best All In One Printer is created primarily to reduce the risk of mess and leakage.

8. HP Laserjet P1108 Monochrome Printer

HP Laserjet P1108 Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer Check Here for Latest Price

The HP Laserjet  Pro P1108 is a single-function laser printer under 15000 in India with advanced technology. The printer comes with Auto ON/OFF technology, making it an efficient energy-saving unit as it consumes very little electricity.

This unique Auto ON/OFF technology automatically switches on and off the printer, which guarantees lower energy consumption by around 50 percent. This HP Laserjet P1108 printer is an ideal device for your office and small businesses. It is a single-function monochrome laser printer that lets you print professional documents at an affordable price.

It features built-in printer drivers and intuitive control panels to set up and start printing straight away. The printer offers a printing speed of around 19 and 18 pages per minute for A4 size sheets, with the first-page printing in about 8.5 seconds. The HP Laserjet printer prints sharp images with bold texts, catching every minute detail. In addition, the HP laserjet printer offers a 266 MHz processor with a 2MB internal memory that maximizes the print speed. So, with the Laserjet printer, you can get faster output with exceptional quality prints.

9. Epson ™-T82 Printer

Epson TM-T82 (USB POS Printer) Check Here for Latest Price

The Epson ™-T82 is a very reliable single-function printer under 15000 with an adaptable mounting capability and allows versatile placement even in the most miniature environment. The printer is compatible in design. The Epson T82 printer delivers unrivaled performance. The ™-T82 printer offers best-in-class reliability with an MCBF of 60 million lines, auto clutter life of around 1.5 million cuts, and a receipt printing speed of 150mm/s, so it is critical in high-volume environments.

It is easy to use, as it comes with drop-in paper loading. It also offers optional printer placements, horizontal or vertical, for front receipt dispensing and placement using a special hanging bracket. The Epson brand printer also provides a paper-saving feature and gives crisp, transparent logos, coupons, and barcodes.

10. HP Ink Tank 319 Color Printer

HP Ink Tank 319 Colour Printer with 1 additional black ink bottle in the box, Print, Scan & Copy for Home/Office, High Capacity Tank (15,000 Black And 8000 Colour), Borderless Printing Check Here for Latest Price

The HP 319 is the latest addition to our best printer under 15000 in India 2023 list. It comprises every feature you need for all your printing requirements with complete ease and simplicity. With this HP printer, you will be comfortable printing without borders.

The HP 319 printer can print many pages at a meager cost per page. It has simple, spill-free refill technology that offers convenience with waste-free and mess-free features. Also, the ink bottles are reusable, and as always, there is HP’s unique ink tank system.

In this HP ink-tank printer, you will get hassle-free ink management as you can easily monitor and maintain ink levels because of its unique transparent ink tank. With the HP ink tank printer, you will get exceptional prints every time. Printing has a power that can express and preserve your emotions, images, and arts. It’s very tiresome to run to nearby printing shops to print material for everyone, whether you are a student or a working person.

And in this new “work from home” environment, you surely will want to save both money and time; thus, require a printing device that will be more versatile and advanced in terms of technology. However, it’s also important to be focused and knowledgeable while buying a home or small office printer.

Which Is The Best Printer Under 15000? 

Like always, we are here to guide and help you in deciding the best printer under 15000. These printers can be an incredible choice. If you are still struggling to choose, go with the Brother DCP T520W printer, as it is a final choice with mind-blowing features. Moreover, it is best for home and office printing needs. 

In selecting the best printer, you should know about the brand, practical working, reviews, and all other features. I hope this guide on the best printer under 15000 will help you purchase a superior quality printer while grabbing great deals under a limited budget. Have fun printing!

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