10 Best NeckBand Under 2000 In India 2022

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Best NeckBand Under 2000

Best NeckBand Under 2000 In India 2022

1. Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z2 Bluetooth Neckband

OnePlus Bullets Z2 is the Best NeckBand Under 2000 in India 2022 as per our research. It has the same design as its previous models, the OnePlus Bullets series. Dependent on the selected Black and Beam Blue is the two-color options for the new wireless earphones. 

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless comprises variants like a silicone rubber headset and plastic ends with volume buttons, a control option, and a USB port, just like every earbud in this series. As previously stated, the earphones have a modern neckband design. Rubber-coated coated wires link the earbuds and the neckband.

The device is barely 20 grams in weight and feels almost lightweight when you’re used to it. It appears to be pretty solid, and you won’t have to worry about sturdiness. The neckband rests snugly on the collar without causing discomfort.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones are made of a blend of glossy and polished materials. Inside the package, it includes some pairs of earpieces in various shapes. The earbuds, like the neckband, are comfortable to wear for extended periods.

A magnet enables the Advanced Magneto Control feature on both earphones. The function instantly turns down the device’s power when the earphones are magnetically linked for a lengthy time, and it also switches on the headphones when they are separated. When separated, the earbuds can automatically reconnect to the previously associated device.

The earphones are water and dust-resistant, according to the classification. You can also utilize the earphones’ touch features to accept or reject calls and manage the audio.

A USB Type-C charging connection is included in the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2. The device takes roughly 15-20 minutes to charge fully. The earphones’ 200mAh battery, according to OnePlus, can provide more than 28 hours of listening on a single charge. The earphone also supports quick charging and can play music for up to 20 hours after only 10 minutes of charging. During our testing period, the wireless earphones easily lasted more than a week, with an average use of 1.5 to 2 hours each day.

For taking calls, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 has an inbuilt microphone. The earphones use an Ai image algorithm to adjust the call’s low noise level, ensuring precise voice delivery while on the road or at the gym. Fast Pair and Instant Switch are also included, allowing rapid and smooth connectivity with other devices.


  • This neckband is lightweight, so it is easy to carry and use.
  • It has excellent battery life.
  • It has excellent sound quality.
  • This neckband has quick buttons to command any need.


  • This neckband is designed with plastic.
  • It does not have Qualcomm AptX support.

2. OPPO Enco M32 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

Oppo Enco M32 is a traditional neckband available under 2000 in India in 2022. The stylish neckband has a modest and unassuming design that focuses on comfort and ease of usage.

Only one color, black, is designed, with a single Oppo logo mark on the left side of the band. Like other headsets in this category, the neckband is flexible and may be bent repeatedly without causing damage.

The Oppo Enco communicates via Bluetooth, compatible with the SBC and AAC Bluetooth services. The earphones include a 20,000Hz frequency range and 10milli millimeter dynamic drivers. Another advantage is dual-device rapid switching. Press the volume up and down keys simultaneously for two seconds to quickly switch between the last two paired devices.

The in-canal model made the earphones extremely comfortable to wear. The interior of each earpiece has a pre-fitted, detachable rubber grip that pinches against your inner ear to keep it in place when wearing the headset. This also results in a satisfactory noise-isolating seal.

The bright silver magnet zone and the glossy finish on the outside portions of the earpieces look good. However, no additional ear grips are provided. Multiple pairs of earpieces, as well as a USB cable, are kept in the box. The Oppo Enco is supposed to offer a 30-hour battery life, with the company promising up to 18 hours of listening time with just 15 minutes of charging.

I used the earbuds for around 21-22 hours on a single charge at moderate volumes, and a 10-minute charge gave the earbuds enough juice to run for approximately 11-14 hours. A full charge of the headset took about 40 minutes with a 10 Watts charger, which meets the firm’s promise.


  • It has excellent battery life.
  • It supports fast charging.
  • It is ultimately water and dust-resistant.


  • It does not support LDAC.
  • It does not have any companion app.

3. boAt Rockerz 330 Pro Bluetooth Neckband

boAt Rockerz 330 is an affordable neckband you can get for under 2000 in India 2022. It has a simple but pleasing design, with a well-built rubber neckband and metallic components on either side.

To balance the weight, the multi-function button, volume buttons, and USB-C type charging connector are on the right side, while the boat logo is on the left side. The buttons are haptic and responsive. When the device is in use, and the battery is low, a micro-light illuminates.

The rubber neckband is gentle to the touch and feels comfortable around the neck, and the metallic modules have a sleek, shiny appearance. When lying on the chest, the earphones have metallic housings and magnetically adhere to each other. There are also silicone wings or fins that improve the fit and make it snugger and comfier. 

The company also offers a variety of ear tips so that customers can find what works best for them. This, along with the silicone wings, creates an excellent fit that dramatically improves passive isolation, effectively drowning out some ambient noise. While the boAt Rockerz 330 lacks several notable features, like Active Noise Cancellation, which is unsurprising at this price, it has many advantages that make it a worthwhile purchase.

The headphones are Bluetooth v5.0 capable and offer a wireless range of 30 feet. The earbuds could keep a connection from one end to the other in a small 1-bedroom home, which is rather impressive. It’s encouraging to have AAC support at this pricing.

The boAt Rockerz 330 wireless earphones’ battery life is arguably its best feature. The product has a battery life of up to 25 hours. The earbuds lasted about a week in our tests, with more than 3 hours of use per day; thus, the claim appears to be accurate. It is a great performer in this price range when it comes to battery life, and most users should be able to charge it once and then forget about it for a week or so, which is convenient.


  • It supports the latest version of 5.2
  • It can last up to 50 hours on battery.
  • It helps hand-free acceptance and the decline of calls.


  • It does not have active noise control.
  • It does not assist with volume controls.

4. Sony WI-C200 Wireless Neckband

Sony WI C200 is a stylish neckband one can buy for under 2000 in India in 2022. According to Sony products, the WI in-ear headphones feature dramatic audio performance with deep bass and superb clarity. Instead of using a plastic neckband like some other neckband-style earphones, these earbuds use a cable to connect the two earbuds.

The earbuds include a magnetic shell that helps them click together when not in use. This also controls the earbuds from mixing. Flat cables on the Sony WI-C310 should keep it tangle-free.

Both, according to Sony, have excellent battery life. Both contain a quick charge feature and are rated for more than 13 hours of listening. When the battery begins to get down, 5 minutes of instant charging can increase the capacity.


  • It supports quick and easy charging.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It enables HD voice.


  • It is not designed as waterproof.
  • It does not support noise cancellation.

5. Noise Flair In-Ear Smart Neckband

The Noise Flair In-Ear neckband under 2000 in India 2022 is designed to look like other neckband earbuds. It features the same rubberized finish as many Bluetooth Earphones, the same thin wire that extends to the earpieces, and two larger metal pieces on either side of your neck that house the battery, Bluetooth 5. O module, microphone, and control.

But there’s one thing I want to point out: the big and fluffy neckband looks great and feels even better. I’m not sure what the build material is, but I believe it’s artificial silicon. Whatever it is, it looks beautiful and feels solid.

The Noise Flair has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which is fine and relatively normal for Bluetooth headphones in this price range. The APT-X codec isn’t supported here, so even if the audio quality on these neckband earbuds is fantastic, it’s missing. These neckbands would have been much better if they supported aptX. It would have also helped with Bluetooth stability.

Not only a neckband, but the complete earphones also have a sturdy premium-looking build that, while not as excellent as costly neckband Bluetooth earbuds, is better than most neckband earphones in this price range, which is impressive.

The tiny connector cable is well-made as well. The earpieces are composed of metal and are attractive and well-crafted. Yes, it appears to be a bit large and hefty, but don’t worry; they are incredibly comfortable to wear.


  • It supports dual pairing.
  • It lasts up to 30 hours after a full charge.
  • The sound quality is great.


  • Although Noise says that these earphones support low latency audio, we discovered that they lag while playing a game.

6. Mi Neckband Pro Bluetooth Neckband

Mi Pro is the latest neckband under 2000 from Mi in India 2022. Only a few buttons are on the right side of the neckband, while the left is plain except for the Mi logo on the headset. A multi-function button controls power, playback, and the ability to answer or end calls, while a volume rocker controls volume.

A button controls the active noise canceling feature on the inside, and there’s a Micro-USB charging connector on the bottom. Three pairs of ear tips and a Micro-USB cable are included in the sales package.

Besides noise cancellation, the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro also features ambient noise cancellation for improved voice call quality and is water-resistant. The earphones contain 10mm dynamic drivers and connect via Bluetooth 5, supporting the SBC and AAC formats.

The Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphones Pro has good battery life. Xiaomi promises that a single charge will last 19 hours, but this is dependent on several factors. I got roughly 13 hours of total use with active noise-cancellation enabled on and volume set to 60%.


  • It supports affordable noise cancellation.
  • It has good battery life.
  • It supports a good Bluetooth range.


  • It has a Bass-heavy sound.
  • It has an average construction.

7. Boult Audio ZCharge Wireless Neckband

Boult Audio Zcharge is a compact neckband to get under 2000. Neckband with Boult audio Bluetooth earphones have an elegant appearance. This Bluetooth earphone is matte in appearance. Neckband by Boult Audio charge Bluetooth earphones are available in three various color schemes, all of which are stylish and high-quality.

These earphones are ergonomically designed and provide adequate comfort. The color finishing on the earphones makes them look high-end. The magnetic earbuds supplied only comfort, not control.

Audio charge by Boult Neckband With Bluetooth earphones, we can listen to music for up to 35 hours. We get 15 hours of playtime after 10 minutes of charging. Fast charging is available on these earbuds.

These earphones include the most recent Bluetooth version 5.2, allowing speedy connectivity. They also feature a type-c charging connector port.


  • It has environmental noise control.
  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • It has the latest Bluetooth version.
  • It has good battery life.


  • There isn’t a designated game mode.
  • The smart magnetic feature is not supported.

8. Tunez Rhythm R40 Wireless Neckband

Tunez Rhythm R40 is the new addition to our best neckband under the 2000 in India 2022 list. Tunez introduces the Rhythm Series R40 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband, which features 10mm, Dynamic Drivers with extra bass for the best and clear sound with less sound distortion. 

R40 also features Bluetooth 5.0 V for seamless connectivity, stable transmission, and a C-type charging port with a QC quick charge feature. It is powered by a powerful 180 Mah Li-ion Battery that takes only 10 minutes to charge and provides an output of 180 mAh.

A higher-quality microphone in both earphones improves call quality. The neckband has been ergonomically made and is relatively light on your ears. The device’s long-lasting battery allows it to play for up to one day on a single charge. Built for your active lifestyle, this shirt is water and sweat-resistant.


  • It has good sound quality.
  • It has the latest Bluetooth version.
  • It has excellent charge capacity.


  • It does not support gaming techniques.
  • It does not have active noise cancellation.

9. Portronics Harmonics 300 Stereo Neckband

Portronics Harmonics 300 is a perfect sports neckband you can go for under 2000 in India. When the wireless sports headset is turned on, it produces decent HD stereo sound with strong bass and booming sound. The headset is sweaty and water-resistant, thanks to an IPX4 reinforced design so that you can enjoy your workouts, jogging, and sports sessions without interruption. It’s made of a soft silicone substance that won’t bother your skin and may be worn for lengthy periods.

The Harmonics 300 has a longer battery life, which means more playtime with less fatigue and crystal-clear sound. A complete charge lasts seven hours, while a quick charge of 5 minutes lasts up to four hours. With a voice assistant, you can quickly navigate the music, make/receive calls, or simply enjoy a run without having to look at your smartphone continually.

The audio quality of Portronics’ products has always been excellent, and the Harmonics 300 neckband is no exception. It has a sound comparable to that of some luxury neckbands.

The neckband provides a powerful and forceful listening experience. It was a flawless and smooth sound full of bass when we listened to the music at high intensity. It was much better at low volume because the sound was so lovely.


  • It has good battery life.
  • It has great sound quality.
  • It has a stylish design.


  • Its primary disadvantage is micro-USB charging.

10. boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ Bluetooth Neckband

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ is our final choice of neckband under 2000 in India 2022 category. All but the ear modules are made of metal; the rest comprises plastic or vinyl. I have no complaints about the workmanship; however, the wire quality is disappointing. The fit and finish are also satisfactory, and the price is reasonable. 

The wire is significantly thinner and longer than typical earphones, making them difficult to use when moving your head around and giving them a shabby appearance. The huge control device is also on the right side, detracting from the luxurious appearance.

Three multifunction buttons are incredibly responsive and let you manage volume, music track, and phone calls. By selecting the keys, you can adjust the volume, change the musical score, and cancel at any time a call. A power switch can also be used to operate Google and Apple. A USB Type-C charging port and a small LED light indicator light are also provided.

The Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus utilizes Bluetooth v5, the most recent version, which is pretty much normal for Bluetooth headphones in this price range. The best part is that it supports Qualcomm’s aptX compression, which keeps the connection with the host device strong and stable while also improving audio quality. It also has an auto-switching connection that allows you to switch devices in under a minute. Overall, there are no issues with connectivity or compatibility.

The audio quality is one of the most crucial components of any headphones you’ll ever buy. To begin, the 10mm drivers on the Rockerz 255 Pro Plus provide pretty good audio quality with a significant amount of bass.

The bass note is very high and delivers the punchy feel that Boat Audio is known for. These boat earphones are for you if you prefer bass to anything else. The bass is very deep, making the Boat 255 Pro Plus ideal for listening to music with many basses. Thanks to the angled form of the ear tips, the earphones also provide adequate noise isolation. Overall, the Rockerz 255 Pro+ offers good sound quality with deep bass.

These earbuds aren’t for you if you don’t like bass-heavy music. The best feature is that it has Qualcomm Encoder and SBC, and AAC, which improves sound quality by reducing latency. However, as with other powerful bass earphones, the vocal and treble are slightly muted compared to the bass, not excessively so, but marginally.

The business claims that when listening at 60% volume, the 300mAh battery on the earphones would last roughly 40 hours. However, throughout my test, I discovered it was merely a passing glance. When listening at 60% volume, I received slightly more than 18 hours of battery life.

And these figures aren’t bad; for a regular user, more than 17 hours of music playback time is more than plenty, and most Bluetooth headphones in this price range offer similar battery life. It also supports quick charging, which may provide 6-7 hours of playback after only less than 10 minutes of charging. Thanks also to Boat for including a USB charging port.

It includes a little microphone in the remote section that works well in most situations regarding microphone quality. Qualcomm CVC Call Sound Suppression is supported by the microphone, reducing ambient noise and increasing overall voice quality.

In my tests, it performs admirably indoors, but it still struggles to capture the speech with a stable frequency outside.


  • It has a facility of non-stop playback.
  • It is minimal and compact.
  • It supports Qualcomm technology.


  • It is a very high rate to afford for all.
  • It has no active noise cancellation.

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The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 Bluetooth is a cost-effective device with numerous features and benefits. It has additional unique features that everyone may use from any location. Because it is wireless, it will benefit us in various ways.

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