10 Best Kitchen Chimney In India 2022

By Trusha Patel

Chimneys are modern state-of-the-art kitchen appliances that have become an essential part of our households. As a high-end machine, the best kitchen chimney in India is gradually replacing the worn-out exhaust fans in the kitchens by offering better facilities and services. 

You can’t imagine a present-day modular kitchen without a kitchen chimney above the fireplace. Right from its suction capacity, the LED lamps, and the comfort it provides make it an incredible user-friendly machine. We will take a peek into the Best Kitchen Chimney In India under different categories. These well-studied and handpicked kitchen chimneys are the best in the business.

Best Kitchen Chimney In India 2022

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (WD HAC TOUCH BF 60, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch Control, Black)
3,605 Reviews
Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (WD HAC TOUCH BF 60, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch Control, Black)
  • Best in the class dual baffle filters installed
  • The ace suction capacity of 1,200 m3 per hour
  • Easily controllable with touch body panel and motion sensors instead of push knobs
  • One of the finest Kitchen Chimney with auto clean technology
  • Unbeatable design and matte black glass finish

Specially built for some classy-looking kitchens, which will become more attractive with this elegant piece of chimney. Equipped with all the essential specifications that make a perfect, grand kitchen chimney, this qualifies as the Best Kitchen Chimney In India. The features of the chimney are outstanding. The rotor has a huge suction strength of 1,200m3, an ideal option for quickly performing medium to hardcore cooking activities.   

The auto-clean technology uses the heat suction mechanism to eliminate the impurities stuck within the interiors of the chimney. The baffle filters are double-layered, which ensures no minute solid particles enter the interiors of the chimney. Furthermore, it is highly user-friendly with a touch body surface to regulate the functioning of the chimney.

Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (Nevio 60, 1 Baffle Filter, Steel/Grey)
  • Built of completely steel and metal, gives it a strong exterior body
  • Auto clean technology will save you the effort and time
  • A single layer of Baffle Filter made of stainless steel
  • suction strength of 1,200 m3 keeps the kitchen refreshing
  • The metal collector which collects and stores the impurities lasts longer than usual cheap built ones

A decent kitchen chimney is worth the money you pay. Another outperforming contender to the Best Kitchen Chimney In India from the house of Hindware. Unlike most other kitchen chimneys of similar grade, this chimney is wholly built of metal, smooth and sleek, which adds to the exterior strength. Thermal-based auto-clean mechanism quickly collects and removes all the impurities from the interiors of the chimney. 

A single layer of Baffle Filter is made of stainless steel, ensuring its quality and firmness. Above all stands, the huge suction capacity of the chimney is a perfect choice for medium to even luxury ranged kitchens. The quick and smooth touch control panel is highly consumer-friendly and can be operated easily. 

Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney (Hood Classy HC TC BK 60, Baffle Filter, Touch Control, Black
2,112 Reviews
Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney (Hood Classy HC TC BK 60, Baffle Filter, Touch Control, Black
  • Best in the class suction power of 1,200 m3 per hour
  • Double layered baffle filters of stainless steel which prevents rust and corrosion
  • Next-gen touch control panel which enhances the user experience
  • The heat enables auto clean mechanism which is just a click away
  • A wonderful construct which houses a strong functioning rotor

Are you worried about the overpriced kitchen auto-clean kitchen chimneys? Finding a better auto-clean kitchen chimney will be a tough task as Eurodomo brings in the Best Kitchen Chimney In India in the most cost-effective category. Then this is the perfect pick for you. 

Right from the incredible suction power, this machine is an excellent competition for the competitors in the market. A beautiful design with a top-notch touch body panel to regulate the chimney. The white LED lamps over this matte black finish are a soothing sight. It uses heat technology to filter the impurities stuck in the interiors of the chimney to the collector. It’s a great pick when you are looking for an economical option in the auto-clean chimney range. 

Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/h Filterless Autoclean Chimney

  • The Gen Z technology without using any kind of filters
  • Exceptional suction strength of 1200 m3 per hour
  • Auto clean enabled with the help of the heat clean technology
  • Easy to operate with the touch panel on the body of the chimney
  • An elegant design which comes in two variants, in 60cm and in 90cm

Well performing Filterless chimneys are very less in number, and highly advanced ones, excelling in all areas are very rare. So Faber is up with the Best Kitchen Chimney In India, equipped with the latest Filterless technology. 

The mighty rotor placed inside and the structure of the chimney drive out the need for a filter in the chimney. The impurities absorbed are redirected without giving space for them to stick to the interior walls of the chimney. 

The heat enables auto-clean technology with a beautiful touch panel on the body of the chimney and is powered by a suction capacity of 1200 m3 per hour. The set of bright power-saving lamps completes the machine. As said, it also excels in all other areas. 

Elica 60 cm 880 m3/hr Chimney (Strip CF 60 SS, 2 Cassette Filters, Silver)
1,839 Reviews
Elica 60 cm 880 m3/hr Chimney (Strip CF 60 SS, 2 Cassette Filters, Silver)
  • An ideal choice for a kitchen chimney from an economic range
  • Best in the budget range performance of 880 m3 per hour suction strength
  • Advanced power-saving features
  • An elegant design with super easy installation
  • A set of bright lamps to help with the cooking process

Elica steals the show with the Best Kitchen Chimney In India in the budget category with some high-end features that exceed the value you earn. A perfect example of how a budget kitchen chimney should be. It makes use of cassette filters which are known for their efficient blockage against solid impurities. An outstanding design carries smooth buttons that operate and regulate the chimney function. 

Another striking feature is the noise produced by the chimney, which is comparatively much lesser than many other chimneys. Limited power consumption encourages more usage of the chimney, which is essential in keeping the kitchen new and fresh. The installation process is also pretty easy and makes it highly user-friendly to clean and maintain. 

Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/HR Chimney (Escg BF 60 NERO, 1 Baffle Filter, Black)
1,251 Reviews
Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/HR Chimney (Escg BF 60 NERO, 1 Baffle Filter, Black)
  • Unbelievable noise and power control
  • The best buy for a great suction capacity of 1,100 m3 per hour at this price range
  • A single-layered baffle filter attached to a breathtaking body
  • to control and highly user friendly with easy to push buttons on the surface
  • Powerful lamps which brighten up the kitchen space

Elica, being a prominent player in the home appliances market, continues to impress with this wonderful kitchen chimney at a mid-range. The best part is notably the motor, which provides superior performance with a suction strength of 1100 m3 per hour which is one of the best in mid-range kitchen chimneys. 

Even after being equipped with such a powerful machine, the chimney is highly efficient in controlling its noise levels and overall power consumption. A compatible body structure, attached with a baffle filter, is highly effective against the solid impurities in the air. No doubt that this Kitchen Chimney can easily handle even medium to heavy cooking activities with ease. Overall it is a great contender for the Best Kitchen Chimney In India from the mid-range category. 

Hindware 60cm 700 m3/hr Chimney (Clarissa Black 60, 2 Cassette Filters, Black)
474 Reviews
Hindware 60cm 700 m3/hr Chimney (Clarissa Black 60, 2 Cassette Filters, Black)
  • Noise reduction is simply great, unbeatable in this category
  • Huge savings in power consumption
  • An eye-catching matte black shiny finish
  • Easy to clean cassette filters
  • Extremely easy to handle, operate, regulate and maintain with the help of push back buttons

Its suction strength does not always define a kitchen chimney. When it comes to small and moderate kitchens, chimneys with big chimneys are a burden. That is where Hindware launches one of the most economical kitchen chimneys with some mind-blowing specifications for the Best Kitchen Chimney In India category. 

The limited suction capacity of 700 m3 per hour is enough for a simple modular kitchen, and best suits low to medium ranged cooking activities. Hindware 60cm Chimney produces less noise due to the motor housed inside, and the power-saving efficiency is exceptional. 

Budget-friendly cassette filters are a great choice, and the easy-to-handle push-back buttons make the maintenance and regulation mechanism easy. When you are on the hunt for a simple, neat, and smooth kitchen chimney for your kitchen, there can’t be a better choice than this machine. 

Seavy 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

  • Chimney with advanced specs at a highly affordable price range
  • Less noise production
  • HAC technology to get rid off the impurities inside the chimney
  • Strong and lasting body completely made of stainless steel
  • Easy to operate touch base with digital timer and illuminated switches

Putting in one word, a next-gen kitchen chimney at a mid-range price. The variance in the price range and the advanced specifications is just mind-blowing, and no wonder it made it to the Best Kitchen Chimney In India list. 

Being from a limited price range, this machine from House of Seavy nails every aspect perfectly. Its major attraction is a strong rotor with a suction strength of 1,200 m3 per hour. 

The body is so perfect looking with some high-tech features like a touch body interface with illuminated switches to toggle and regulate the chimney functioning. The auto-clean mechanism is powered by heat, and unbelievably less noise production and power consumption add to the perks of the machine. 

Inalsa 60 cm 1150 m³/hr Pyramid Chimney Classica 60BKBF with SS Baffle Filter/Push Button Control (Black)
1,309 Reviews
Inalsa 60 cm 1150 m³/hr Pyramid Chimney Classica 60BKBF with SS Baffle Filter/Push Button Control (Black)
  • A completely rust-free body gives the chimney an attractive outlook
  • Unbelievably power saving even after having a strong rotor device
  • Mighty suction strength of 1050 m3 per hour
  • Double layered baffle filters which are most suitable for the Indian kitchens
  • Easy to operate and regulate with the toggle switch panel

This product impresses with its high-end features and this level of compatibility at an affordable mid-range price budget. Its power-saving ability is the major highlight of the Best Kitchen Chimney In India in the mid-range category. 

The machine of just 133 watts is an amazingly great power saver. Even at this price range, it uses double-layered baffle filters, and that’s not it. The whole body is free from rust. 

An excellent suction strength also outperforms the money spent on the device, clocked at 1050 m3 per hour. The structure makes it easy to clean the machine, both interiors and exteriors, and easy to control and regulate with the help of push knobs on its surface.

Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney

  • One of the best buys you can make in the premium range of kitchen chimneys
  • A wonderful noise reduction mechanism
  • Completely built of steel, giving it a strong metal body housing the motor
  • Best in the grade suction power of 1295 m3 every hour
  • Classic grey finish with a set of push buttons on the surface

This is what ‘saving it for the last sounds, and here’s the Best Kitchen Chimney In India with a great motor and specifications. Faber outperformed themselves while designing this machine as it is classy and high-tech at the same time. 

The metal finish is an excellent touch to its structure with a great noise reduction function even after having such a mighty motor inside. The suction capacity is 1,295 m3 per hour, a three-way suction capacity. Above all, it is excellent at blocking the minute solid particles from entering the interiors of the Kitchen Chimney with a three-layered baffle filter system. Overall a great pick for a big kitchen space or kitchen with heavy cooking activities. 

Buying Guide For The Best Kitchen Chimney In India

As you’ve seen some of the finest Kitchen Chimneys in India, you might be wondering how to choose the right one. All of these are best and unique in their specific categories, but how do you know which is the best category that suits you? 

Read on to find out the essential criteria we use to determine what’s the best category of kitchen chimneys you need to buy and how to pick the best kitchen chimney from the category. 

Essential Features To Look

#1 The Kitchen Space

Simply put, you can’t install a giant Kitchen Chimney in your kitchen, which is already occupied and doesn’t have enough space. Also, a small-sized chimney with a limited suction capacity wouldn’t be able to get rid of all the impurities in the air. 

So arrange the kitchen space properly and choose the type of kitchen chimney wisely. For example, ductless kitchen chimneys occupy much less space; meanwhile, ducted chimneys will need more space for the pipes. 

#2 Affordability

Like any other product, kitchen chimneys offer various products under different price ranges. The kitchen chimneys are also available in a budget range, which develops into luxurious ones priced at a premium range. 

It doesn’t always mean that a higher-priced product can only satisfy kitchen needs. You need to be thorough with the features of the chimneys and their specifications and choose the ones that suit your kitchen and are an affordable option. 

Remember, kitchen chimneys are a long-term deal, so it is always better not to rush to a purchase decision. 

#3 Frequency and Range of Cooking

Another critical factor you need to consider before making a purchase decision is the frequency of your cooking habits and what you cook. 

If all of your meals of the day are prepared in the kitchen, and you are actively involved in some serious heavy cooking practices, then it is advised that you should go for a good kitchen chimney with an adequate suction capacity and vice versa. 

#4 The Type of Kitchen Chimney 

Indeed, there are different types of Kitchen chimneys in the market. Taking the case of auto-clean and manual-clean chimneys, the former is a better and more high-end option. At the same time, they are a bit expensive and easy to maintain. 

But if it doesn’t fit your pocket and if you can clean it yourself, then it is recommended that you can go for a normal kitchen chimney with emphasis on other features like better suction strength and less noise production. 

How To Pick The Best Kitchen Chimney In India?

#1 The Suction Power

The first and foremost element to consider is the suction strength of the kitchen chimney. The better the suction power, the more efficiently it wipes out the impurities in the air. It can vary from a balanced range of 700 m3 per hour to an advanced range of 1600 or more m3 per hour. 

#2 Power Consumption

Without any doubt, the kitchen chimneys function with the help of a power socket. The rotor requires certain watts of power for its functioning. The lesser the required watts, the better the power-saving feature of the chimney. Mostly high-end chimneys consume more power because of their additional inbuilt features, and basic chimneys are far better in energy efficiency. 

#3 Type of filter used

Some of the basic chimneys use Cassette filters, which are considered the budget filters attached to chimneys. The next best one is the baffle filters, often made of stainless steel, the commonly found filter type in medium to heavy ranged kitchen chimneys. 

The latest upgrade made to the kitchen chimneys is the filterless chimneys which, with the help of a powerful motor and its unique design, drive out the impurities in the air without even filtering it. 

#4 The design and outlook

If you plan for the latest modular kitchen, adjusting to an odd-looking chimney would be highly inappropriate. At the same time, a beautiful kitchen chimney with all the necessary specifications and a strong body perfectly match the Kitchen environment. So yes, the looks of a chimney are also a significant concern. 

#5 The Body and Interface

Some chimneys are made of cheap metals that get corroded and are vulnerable to rust. At the same time, chimneys with a glassy finish or made of stainless steel are both strong and good-looking. Also, there’s the regulation mechanism through buttons and a touch panel interface. 

#6 Lamps

Almost all of the kitchen chimneys in the market are equipped with a pair of lamps which are helpful with cooking activities. The lamps are closely associated with power consumption, and brightly lit, low-quality lamps consume more power. So it’s better to go for chimneys with energy-efficient lamps. 

#7 Noise production

It is a fact that all of the chimneys, due to the functioning motor inside, produce noise. The approximate value of the noise produced is 58dB. Some of the powerful motors can even reach more than 70dB, which makes more noise, creating an entirely uncomfortable situation. 

So it’s always better to know about the noise the chimney produces and pick one wisely. 

#8 The Installation Process

Yes, the Installation and the maintenance of the kitchen chimney are also essential before picking a product. Usually, ducted chimneys take a lot of time for installation and maintenance, while at the same time, ductless chimneys are easy to maintain, and their Installation is also easy. Nowadays, wall-mounted chimneys are easy to install and maintain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is m3 per hour in Chimney?

M3 per hour refers to the cubic meters per hour covered by the kitchen chimney. It is directly associated with the suction power of the kitchen chimney, which is represented in the form of m3 per hour. The higher the m3 per hour, the more efficient the chimney is, and it is suction capacity. 

2 Do induction cooktops need kitchen chimneys?

No. Induction cooktops don’t produce any impurities or release them into the open air surrounding the kitchen. In the case of gas stoves or electric stoves, it is advised to have a Kitchen Chimney placed above it to absorb all the smoke, impurities, and other toxic elements in the air and duct them out.

3 Is a ductless kitchen chimney good?

Yes and no. Ductless chimneys have their advantages over ducted chimneys, and at the same time, they also have better elements. Ductless chimneys will consume less space in the kitchen than ducted ones and are easy to install and maintain. They are handy and compatible, easy to remove, clean, and install.

4 Which Filter is better in Chimney?

There are a variety of filters in different layers used in a chimney. There are also advanced filterless chimneys available. Baffle Filters with a stainless steel coating are the best filters available in the market attached to most of the medium to premium level chimneys. They are single-layered, double, and even triple-layered for getting rid of solids.

5 Is an auto-clean chimney better?

Yes, definitely, yes. An auto-clean chimney is equipped with a self-clean mechanism, which is often thermal powered and, in some cases, uses water to function as an auto-clean. The interiors of the chimney are purified, and the impurities are collected at the bottom of the chimney.  They save a lot of manual effort and time.


An insightful outline of the Best Kitchen Chimney In India followed by the buying guide and the FAQs that concern you throw some light on the idea of purchasing a Kitchen Chimney. As said, kitchen chimneys are a purchase made for the long term, they will be a part of the household, and it needs to be picked wisely at any cost. It should suit you, your kitchen, your eating and cooking habits, and your comfort. 

The major reason behind the evolution of kitchen chimneys is the matter of comfort, and it shouldn’t be compromised at any cost when you make your purchase decision. 

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