Best GPS Tracker In India 2023

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk
A GPS tracking unit is a navigational device with a receiver that catches the signal from GPS or a Global Positioning System satellite. It can also detect signals from other geo satellites, which the tracker may support. It then calculates the coordinates.

It then transmits that information using a GSM, CDMA, or an LTE modem to send the calculated data to the designated internet address on which lies a server. The server then broadcasts the internet to your mobile app or hand-held devices to see the track and report the movement of your vehicle, to which the tracker is attached.

The GPS tracker business is a big business and has not only civilian uses but also military uses. Numerous GPS brands are available in the market; choosing the best GPS tracker in India is tough. So we have come up with the 10 best GPS tracker in India. But few things that one should consider before purchasing one GPS tracker.


Best GPS Tracker In India 2023 For Car And Bike

Autowiz Obd Gps Car Tracker
622 Reviews
Autowiz Obd Gps Car Tracker
  • Power: Lithium polymer battery
  • Installation: Plug n play
  • Location tracking: Realtime
  • Anti-theft alarm: Yes
  • Subscription: First year free
  • Real-time vehicle tracking using App.
  • Pre-installed car care features.
  • Notifies and reports driving behavior.
  • Built-in sim card.
  • Support for multiple Indian languages.

AutoWiz OBD is one of the most simple and effective car tracking solutions available in the market. The price point is also attractive. It is more than just a GPS tracker as it packs a lot of additional features. It can be used both for personal vehicles and commercial or business-owned vehicles.   

Since OBD ports are now available in almost all cars post-2008, setting up the AutoWiz OBD GPS tracker is a piece of cake. Without any hassle, your GPS tracker is up and running. Thanks to a built-in sim card with a one-year subscription which costs around two thousand rupees.

The device can be connected to the phone using the AutoWIz app, available on both Android and iOS. Using the application, you can remotely monitor your vehicle. It can relay all the needed information to your hand-held device in real-time. You also get all information around mileage, fuel saved, etc., after completing every trip.

You might be thinking about how a tracker can produce so much information. The device only transmits location information to AutoWiz servers, which process the data and provide you with all the relevant information through the application.

Onelap Micro - Hidden Waterproof GPS Tracker
  • Real-time location: Yes
  • application: Android & iOS
  • Waterproof: Yes IPx5
  • Vehicle type: Any
  • Power source: Vehicle battery
  • Very robust and lightweight hardware.
  • Availability of Daily stats.
  • Location refresh of 5 seconds.
  • 90 days of past data.
  • App compatibility with other trackers.
The Onelap Micro Best GPS tracker for Bike in India is by Onelap Telematics. They have a single platform for vehicle tracking, managing, and security. This platform is intelligent, with information flowing to and from the cloud servers seamlessly.

The lag on the tracker is minuscule, and the application support is just excellent. The Onelap mobile application for vehicle management has loads of features other than pinpoint tracking. It can report daily stats related to trips, fuel saved, stoppage time, average and maximum speed, and vehicle health. You can track more than one vehicle from one mobile application.

It can also ring an alarm on your mobile in case of theft as it has an anti-theft alarm pre-installed. This can even turn off your car engine remotely. The installation is straightforward; you must connect the wire to the vehicle power or battery source. Thus, now it’s always powered, and batteries are not a hassle.

You can review your driving history and revisit all the routes you took—the Onelap server stores data for up to the past 90- days on its secure cloud servers. You can set speed limits and define areas that are safe to drive. All these features at a given price point make it one of the most purchased GPS trackers.

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There is a mobile application to track your smartphone’s vehicle with many other end-to-end reporting and alerts. The CarX GPS tracker is manufactured in Europe and has an inbuilt M2M GPS-enabled sim card. The sim card has six-month subscriptions and provides email and SMS alerts.

There is also a web-based portal to showcase all the reports in detail, available on a subscription. You can access all kinds of reports with all the information you would expect from a GPS device. There are multiple kinds of alert systems built into the tracker. The tracker transmits data to the server, and then the server sends processed data to the drivers’ or owners’ mobile.

There is an accelerometer-based crash alarm, unplug, and towing detection for the last three years of trip history. There is also a speeding alarm and anti-theft alarm facility provided. The installation of the CarX GPS tracker is straightforward, with a three-wire structure. It gets powered with its own 170 mAH battery and provides ignition on and off status.

The Onelap device not only uses GPS satellites but also supports GALILEO, BEIDOU, and GLONASS satellites. It comes with real-time information, and the tracking data gets refreshed in ten seconds. Accuracy is pinpointed at around less than 3 meters. With this price point, all in all, it’s a great buy.
LAMROD Supreme Google Link GT02A GPS Tracker
527 Reviews
LAMROD Supreme Google Link GT02A GPS Tracker
  • Speed limit notification: Yes
  • Reporting feature: Yes
  • Anti-theft protection: Yes
  • Inbuilt sim card: Yes
  • Support for Android, iOS.
  • Web application support.
  • Easy setup and installation.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking.
  • Highly sensitive MTK chipset.

The LAMROD Supreme Car and Bike GPS tracker is one of the best GPS trackers in India. It has a built-in Airtel sim card with a monthly subscription of 5GB of mobile data and 200 SMS messages. The sim card automatically activates once the device is installed; no ID proof is needed.

This GPS tracker has multiple custom settings and alarms, configured and enabled using the mobile application. The mobile application supports both the Android and iOS platforms. They also have a web-based application that can be used for window-based laptops or computers.

Users can set speeding limits, specify selected paths and create a geofence. If the vehicle crosses any of them, then notifications are sent, and alarms get set. Alarms also go on when someone tries to steal the car. Thus, there is proper anti-theft protection available with the GPS tracker. The Lamrod Supreme device gives pinpoint location with great accuracy. It can locate your vehicle in the parking lot as well.

Coming to record-keeping, the device keeps trip histories for up to 90 days. Multiple reports are provided through the web application using this data in MS Excel format. One of the most valuable reports is speed graph reporting, which lets users see instances when they cross designated speed. Other custom reports are trip playbacks, fuel status, etc.

No products found.

Tt V5 GPS tracker for cars and bikes is one of the smallest-sized yet feature-packed GPS tracker devices available in the market. One of the GPS tracker’s unique features is to give a calling alert to the vehicle owner when someone tries to steal the vehicle and disconnect GPS from batteries. It also has an attractive price point.

The above features give anti-theft solid protection to the owners, and they can relax and comfort their vehicle is safe. Other features which are present are overspeeding alarms and geofence alarms. You can set speed limits using your mobile app, and if the vehicle breaches that speed, you will notify on your mobile.

Similarly, geofencing gives you the ability to set defined paths and virtual fences. Suppose your vehicles cross those borders, and you will get a notification. It is a handy feature for commercial vehicle owners with multiple vehicles operated by drivers on different routes. The tracker does real-time vehicle tracking using the Google Maps service.

Coming to the installation part, it is plug-and-play. It is compatible with cars, bikes, and scooters. The manufacturer provides detailed tutorial videos on YouTube, which you can follow and install the device independently. For other technical support, executives are available overcall.

Akari Gt02A GPS Tracker

  • Installation: Plug and Play
  • History trip tracking: Yes
  • Support for mobile application: Yes
  • GPS tracker without sim: yes
  • 1-year free subscription.
  • You can buy a sim card of your choice.
  • Can access the application from a laptop.
  • Google map is used for tracking.
  • Very compact and portable.

The GPS tracker by Akari is versatile and compatible with any vehicle. That exists on this planet, from all kinds of two-wheelers to cars, trucks, tractors, and other heavy vehicles, with so much crime going on on streets, starting from overspeeding leading to accidents to stealing a vehicle.

GPS trackers play a pivotal role in providing the vehicle’s much-needed information in almost real-time.

The Akari GPS tracker lets you set the alarm for overspeeding and geofence violations. You can get SMS or track them through the web-based application, which uses Google Maps to track.

You can buy a sim card from any mobile subscriber active in your location with a monthly data and SMS pack. Once you fit the sim, the last work is to install the specific device. A manual is provided inside the package, which tells you to install the GPS tracker in detail.

Still, if you face issues, you can call the support team, and they can talk you through the setup process. Once the device is active, text your device sim, and it will revert you to the location. The tracking is almost real-time, with a quick refresh of data every minute. All in all, it’s a great buy.
MAX GPS Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker
83 Reviews
MAX GPS Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker
  • Anti-theft alarm: Yes
  • Size: Portable
  • Mode of communication: App & SMS
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Signal strength: Excellent
  • Detachable connectors.
  • Pinpoint location.
  • Ver Easy to install.
  • On-call support available.
If you are looking for a GPS at a very reasonable price point, especially for two-wheelers, you cannot ignore this GPS tracker. The MAX GPS Security tracker by Dory Tech Security is a small-sized portable GPS tracker that is waterproof. There are also other handy features included in this small GPS tracker.

The tracker notifies using messages and sends locations using the mobile application. You can attach any sim to the tracker. The first-year subscription is complimentary, while you will pay the subscription fees from the following year onwards. The device has an anti-theft alarm, and if someone tries to steal the vehicle or detach the GPS tracker, an alarm goes off in the owner’s mobile.

Also, the tracking of the vehicle in real-time and pinpoint. Even in rural areas or outskirts, the device can pick up the signal and transmit the vehicle location. Since it is waterproof, you can attach it anywhere without worrying about rain or moisture. Using the tracker, you can also detect whether the ignition is on or off.

You can access all the information not only on your mobile, but you can also track it using your Laptop. You can log in to the portal, track vehicles, go to history trips, and fetch details. The tracker uses a Google map to display the route map, while you can also track kilometers ran, fuel status, and ignition status during the trip.

J&P Technologies - Waterproof GPS Tracker
280 Reviews
J&P Technologies - Waterproof GPS Tracker
  • Live tracking: Yes
  • Trip history: Yes
  • Theft Alerts: Yes
  • Build: Lightweight
  • Installation: Plug n play
  • Provision of daily reports.
  • Tracking of multiple vehicles.
  • The engine on/off alerts.
  • Support of multi telematics devices.
  • IPx65 Waterproof certification.

The best GPS tracker in India by J&P technology is an excellent feature-loaded product. The J&P technology owns a very effective vehicle management system, an end-to-end solution with vehicle tracking, security, and information collection. Currently, they have installers spread everywhere so that you can quickly get your tracker installed.

The device is IPx65 certified and very compact; thus, it can be installed anywhere on any vehicle. The device offers pinpoint tracking with many other features like an engine on/off alerts. Over-speed alerts, anti-theft alerts, and also geo-fencing alerts. You can set limits for all these features, and the moment they are breached, you will be notified.

The GPS tracker and the supported application let you maintain a history of around six months of the trip. You can access the same at any given point. The mobile application is beneficial, and there is a web-based one, which can be accessed via Laptop. You get on-demand analytics and stats on daily kilometers, stoppage time, maximum speed, idle time, fuel status, and many more.

The software supports more than twenty-five languages, and there is inbuilt support for more than 2500 types of telematics devices. All the alerts are shared on your email ID. Since the device runs on a vehicle battery, if someone removes that wire, then a wire cut/removed warning will be initiated. All these security measures make it one of the safest GPS trackers available.
ZAICUS ST-901 Waterproof GPS Tracker
  • Custom speed limit: Yes
  • GPS Chip sensitivity: High
  • Over speeding notification: Yes, on the phone
  • Vehicle type: All vehicle
  • Power supply: 150 mAH built-in battery
  • Trip history maintenance of two months.
  • Easy installation.
  • Mobile App and web portal for tracking.
  • Speed reporting using graphs.
  • On SMS tracking information.
The ZAICUS ST-901 GSM-based Best GPS tracker for Bike in India for all types of vehicles is a one-of-a-kind GPS tracker. It is waterproof and can be installed anywhere. It supports most GSM frequency bands, making it suitable for worldwide usage. The device runs on its own 150 mAH battery.

It supports many other location satellites like Galileo, Compass, and Glonass other than GPS. It also has support for multiple types of alarms. You can set geofences by marking boundaries on a map, and if the vehicle crosses those fences, you will be notified through a Geofence alarm. You can also set speed limits for overspeeding alarms.

The device can also detect the engine on-off and alarm the owner if someone tries to take the vehicle. If the device battery is running low, the alarm goes off. The device triangulates information to satellites and then to ZAICUS servers from which data is passed to owners.

You can track and see the real-time movement of your vehicle. You can see history trips for up to two months using your phone or Laptop. The location tracking is pinpointed, and the data refresh rate is relatively high. Thus, you get accurate information every time.

  • Inbuilt sim card: Yes
  • Sim activation: On-call
  • Location refresh: 10 seconds
  • History trip playback: Yes, for one month
  • Multiple vehicle tracking: Yes
  • One-year free subscription.
  • Easy installation.
  • All kinds of vehicles are supported.
  • High location accuracy.
  • Tracking using google map.

The best GPS tracker in India by VINTIL is a value-for-money package in which you do not get the GPS tracker and mobile application for real-time. You also get a one-year free subscription with an in-built sim card. The card is already activated with 500MB of data and 100 messages every month. After one whole year, you need to pay for a subscription.

The GPS chip is susceptible, and it retries fetching data within 10 seconds, thus giving the pinpoint location of the vehicle. The tracking is near real-time. You can look back at your whole day of trips with the history trip feature. It can maintain history trips for up to one month.

You can access all this information from your mobile application and your Laptop. The device is compact and can be hidden anywhere in your vehicle. When you plug in the machine, call customer care, and you are done. Your vehicle location goes live instantly. The installation is also hassle-free.

The application provides statistics daily for the whole day on various parameters like total distance covered and overall run time. The vehicle was idle; what was the maximum and minimum as well as the average speed? If you own multiple cars, you can use this device in all your vehicles and track them from one place.

image 5

Essential Things To Check Before You Buy A GPS Tracker

If you are here, you must have made up your mind to purchase a vehicle. But you might be a novice about GPS trackers and what to look for. So here we will be covering all those essential aspects that must be considered before buying one.

  • Compatible

The first and foremost thing you must check is the device compatibility with the type or type of vehicle you own. Most cars now a day come with the OBD port used for attaching the device. If your car does not have one, you must check before buying.

Also, with new technology, more and more electronics are now embedded in high-end cars. You need to make sure they do not cause interference in the signal reception of the tracker.

  • Security

This is the next most important thing about the GPS tracker you are about to purchase. A GPS tracker collects loads of data regarding your movement. It would require little data analysis to uncover your whole life and personal details if someone can get hold of it. This would seem like a data privacy issue as we talk so much about it nowadays.

A GPS tracker should not compromise your data, depending on the brand. Ensure enough data encryption is provided by the brand, like the device is tamper-proof and how the data flows from the tracker to their servers and back to your mobile application.

  • Ease of use

As an end-user, you should only be concerned about what you see on your mobile app or Laptop. That experience should be smooth and either make or break the trust in the brand. It’s the first impression, and it must be satisfying.

You must think otherwise if you have to jostle too much to get things done on the app or web portal. Reading reviews online is the ideal way to get a better understanding. Before buying one, you can also try a real-time demo to see how the application works.

  • Refresh frequency

This might sound technical, but it is an important aspect. Many completely ignore this parameter, but this must be checked to get accurate results. Better or sooner the refresh happens, less the latency. The lesser the latency, the better the products are, as simple as that.

Tracking a data refresh rate of a few seconds can be ideal. If the refresh is low, various alerts triggered when the given parameter is breached will not get started on time. This could lead to catastrophic consequences and even loss of life and vehicle.

  • Quality

This is quite a general behavior we seek in most of our products. In the case of GPS, we need to ensure that the given hardware is reliable. The software we have already covered above. Ensure that the hardware has passed all necessary certifications and standards that are minimal requirements for the location you live in

  • Customer service experience

It is another area one must look at before going for the product. You can quickly call customer care to get it replaced or fixed in case of faulty hardware. Also, the installation experience would be especially if it needs to be done by the end-user using guides and call support. All those things decide how well the customer service team is equipped to handle various scenarios.

  • Data connectivity

The best GPS tracker in India should be equipped with a good sim with a data pack to enable smooth data and outflow. But that is only not sufficient if you are in the outskirts where there is low or no data connectivity that how data will be logged in.

For most GPS trackers, it should be normal to store trip data for some time if there is no connectivity. Once the connectivity is back, it can synchronize the information back and forth to the server.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the vehicle tracking in GPS Live, or is it stale?

Ans: In the best GPS tracker in India, GPS tracking info is live with a few seconds of delay depending on device refresh rate and data connectivity.

2. Can I install a GPS tracker on my vehicle?

Ans: It depends on the brand. In most cases, its plug and play, while at some point, you need to get it installed

3. What are various alarms set on a GPS tracker?

Ans: You can place an anti-theft alarm, engine on/off an alarm, overspeeding alarm, and geofence alarm, to name a few.

4. Can I track multiple vehicles at one time?

Ans: It is possible to track multiple vehicles using the same or compatible GPS tracker connected to the same application.

5. Can my personal information be compromised if I use a GPS tracker?

Ans: Not directly, but if there is a data breach, b/w the device and the application. Ensure the brand uses the best encryption to encrypt the data flowing b/w users and applications.

6. Do I get a free subscription when I buy a GPS tracker?

Ans: Free subscription varies from brand to brand. The best GPS tracker in India offers a free monthly subscription. After that, you will have to pay for the same.

7. What is the power source behind a GPS tracker?

Ans: It uses a vehicle’s battery while they have a built-in battery in some cases.

8. What happens if someone tries to remove the GPS tracker from my vehicle?

Ans: Ideally, an alarm should go off on your mobile, or a notification or a message should be sent to your phone warning about the situation.

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