10 Best Earphones Under 500 In India 2022

Earphones are a basic need in today’s lifestyle. The Best Earphones under 500 are very compact and handy, which we can take easily anywhere we go and can use wisely to make our hands free. 

If you are looking for the Best Earphones under 500, have a complete read here! 

Best Earphones Under 500 In India 2022

1. Realme Buds 2 Neo Wired In-Ear Earphone

As per our research, Realme Buds 2 Neo is the best earphones under 500 in India 2022. When it comes to the quality of construction of the Realme Buds 2 Neo, the earbuds’ build quality warrants their price. The earphone has a luxurious appearance and feel. The cable is composed of TPU and is durable enough to withstand daily use. It will not easily break with regular use.

To improve the build quality, it incorporates an L-shaped 3.5 audio jack. The microphone is located in the upper right corner. The volume control buttons on the earphone are hidden. Furthermore, the earphone is controlled by a single button that serves as a multifunction button for music, voice assistant, incoming calls, and other functions.

This one has a decent microphone so that you can talk without interruption, and the other side won’t have any issues. The microphone on the earbuds is quite nice for the pricing point.

The Realme Buds 2 Neo have 11.2mm drivers that provide excellent sound quality. The sound quality is clear because the earphones aren’t too loud. The bass isn’t too strong, which is another advantage of this headphone. Every other earphone has low voices and treble because of the loud bass sound. But it isn’t an issue with this one because the bass and the treble and vocal are all preserved.


  • For the price, the sound quality is excellent.
  • The call quality is excellent.
  • It has a nice appearance.


  • It only has a single control button.
  • The design has not been updated.
  • Not ideal for watching TV episodes or movies.

2. Blaupunkt EM10 In-Ear Wired Earphone

Blaupunkt EM10 is a premium earphones available for under 500 in India in 2022. It excels in the aesthetics department, with the curved triangle form of the earplugs. The flat cable does not tangle and does not attract dust particles. Even though the earbuds are spongy, they do not ache after prolonged use.

Two remote controls — one with a dedicated volume slider and the other with a multi-purpose button and mic – may elicit opposing thoughts. While it expands control, on the one hand, you get the impression that the buttons might have easily been combined into a single remote. Unless you truly want a volume control slider.

A full-featured remote with complete control. Calls may be answered and rejected, tracks can be played and paused, and tracks can be fast-forwarded or slowed down. You have everything. The corded earphones excel at their primary function: sound. The earplugs are comfortable for long periods and can even be worn while lying down. You won’t hear any distortion if you turn the volume up to maximum on the remote slider, as well as on your phone or laptop.

The audio in movies is fantastic, with speech audible and music that you can feel. The bass and treble are excellent, but the mids are slightly lacking. However, unless you listen to instrument-intensive styles of music like Progressive Sandstone and Psychedelic, this is not audible. Perfectly tuned and balanced to provide you with the full spectrum of sound. You can hear the bass and the mids and treble sing.


  • An orderly queue Mic alters how you take phone calls. No more yelling or commotion. Your voice is picked up by the mic and kept crisp and clean.
  •  Pure Copper 24 Strand cable provides excellent connections. With minimal resistance, clarity and power are practically unaffected.
  •  High-quality components produce excellent sound. They are built to German specifications. This is done to ensure the best possible blend of vocals and rich, deep music.


  • It does not support automatic noise cancellation.
  • It is not comfortable for gaming.

3. boAt Bassheads 105 Wired In-Ear Earphone

boAt Bassheads 105 is a budget-friendly earphones one can buy for under 500 in India in 2022. When the volume is turned up to maximum, the sound quality is excellent. The sound is obvious, with decent lows and mids that aren’t too high or too low.

The call and mic quality is likewise excellent, but only in a quiet or noisy area. They feature excellent passive noise cancellation since the ear tips are well-fitting, reducing all ambient noise. An in-line microphone allows for hands-free communication. They offer excellent passive noise cancellation since the ear tips are correctly fitted, reducing all ambient noise.


  • The sound quality is impressive. 
  • Excellent and well-balanced bass.
  • 13mm long bass driver 
  • Alexa and other voice assistants are supported. 
  • Hands-Free Call is supported.


  • It is not designed for sweat and is waterproof.
  • There is no update in build quality.

4. JBL C50HI Wired In-Ear Earphone

The JBL C50HI is basic earphones under 500 in India 2022 and functional in terms of design. The earbuds are entirely constructed of plastic and are only one color. The earphones I’m reviewing are blue, but they also come in black and white. The design is straightforward and practical; the company did not put any metal or texture finishing on it, but that’s not a bad thing because it still looks quite sophisticated.

The JBL C50HI delivers excellent value for money when it comes to sound quality. It covers the usual frequency range of 20 – 20000 Hz, ensuring you don’t miss any important musical notes. The earbuds include an 8.6mm speaker driver that produces loud and clear sound.

Now we’ll talk about the Bass sound, which is rather good. As one would anticipate from a balanced audio headphone, the earphones have a lot of basses. The bass is not very strong, so if you prefer a lot of basses, you should choose another alternative. On the other hand, Rock, classical, and even some pop fans will be happy with the degree of bass on offer here.


  • You may easily answer and handle your calls with the help of a one-button universal remote with a noise isolation microphone.
  •  With three earplug sizes and an angled fit, the earphones are more comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  •  The 3.5mm L-shaped port facilitates connection with cases and even laptops.


  • It does not design for gaming effects.

5. Boult Audio BassBuds Loop Earphone

Boult Audio BassBuds is one of the stylish earphones you can buy for under 500 in India in 2022. The packaging for this one is rather straightforward, and you will receive two extra pairs of earbuds and the earphones themselves within the box. The Boult Audio Bassbuds Loop Earphones have a good build quality. Magnets are attached to the back of the shells, which are constructed of high-quality plastic.

So, these earbuds can be magnetically connected to your neck, but there is no play/pause function with these magnets, which is not practical in this price range. The wire quality is also excellent; it is not readily breakable, but it may tangle in your pocket because it is not a flat cable.

They also have a designed microphone, allowing you to control the phone using your voice. You can also use it to take calls. The microphone is of above-average quality. So, for the price, it’s acceptable. Their earphones are just what you’ve been looking for. They feature incredible build quality, compatibility, comfort, and a fantastic microphone. However, their sound quality is lacking.

According to the firm, it includes aerospace-grade AL alloy drivers that provide the greatest acoustics, 3D HD sound, and powerful bass. But it sounds fine in real life; the vocals are crisp and clear, the highs are good, but the lows and bass are merely okay. You won’t notice any bass enhancement; it’s simply good in this range.


  • Budget-friendly and fantastic value for money.
  • The build quality is good, and the wires are less likely to tangle.
  • Because of the loop design, it fits pretty well.
  • Passive noise cancellation and dust and water resistance to IPX5.
  • Deep, clean bass with a superb treble-bass balance.


  • There is only one button on the controller, and there is no way to alter the volume.

6. Zebronics Zeb-Buds 40 Earphone

Zebronics Zeb-Buds 40 is the latest under the best earphones under 500 in India category. The Zeb-Peace is a pair of completely wireless in-ear headphones that are small. They’re made to sit in your ear canals and not protrude. We found the Zeb buds lightweight and fatigue-free, even after wearing them for extended periods.

These earbuds have a two-tone finish that we appreciated. Each earbud has a glossy finish and a Zebronics branding button on the outer shell. These earbuds offer a velvety matte plastic-like feel on the inside and two charging pogo pin connectors.

Each earbud must be turned on separately with a short button press. When they are turned on, they instantly pair with each other, confirmed by an audio message. Go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu and search for these earphones to complete the pairing process.

The same audio message is played when the Zeb buds are paired with a smartphone. Zebronics may have employed separate audio messages or sounds to avoid pairing confusion. To turn these earbuds off, hold down the left earbud’s button for a long time or just place them back in the case.

The Zeb buds earbuds’ battery life was only ordinary. At 80 percent volume, the pair could only run for 3 hours and10 minutes on average. When the battery is close to running out, you’ll hear a “power short” warning message. We discovered that the left earbud would lose power first, forcing the right earbud to pair. We examined how long the right earbud could play music purely out of curiosity, and it lasted another 20 minutes.


  • It’s light and comfortable to wear.
  • It’s well-crafted.


  • Bass-heavy and harsh highs
  • It has a perplexing pairing method.
  • A poor microphone.
  • The battery life is below average.

7. Portronics Conch 120 Type C Earphone

Portronics Conch 120 is a well-known earphones under 500 from the brand. In addition to a great acoustic signal, this is where comfort has been prioritized. The main reason why wired sets were abandoned in the first place was that they were too inconvenient.

We set out to reverse that perception from the ground up with Conch 120. In the enormous sea of wired ear sets, you may rely on its tangle-resistant body and TPE constructed body, which are testaments to long-term endurance. With the prompt action microphone with Conch 120, you can ensure that you don’t miss any input and output calls. Make Conch 120 your audio assistant and redefine listening.

Many people prefer the convenience of in-ear earbuds over wired earphones these days, yet many others still prefer the clarity of wired earphones. And when it comes to the most convenient factor, there’s no doubt that wired earbuds are the comfiest.

Audio that is clear and powerful: We all enjoy loud and clear music, and clarity should never be overlooked. The Conch 120 is equipped with cutting-edge audio technology to improve your listening experience every time you plug it in. If you’re someone who thrives on multitasking, now’s your chance to get Conch 120! The in-ear earphones provide optimum protection for taking callers and having a clear conversation.


  • It’s light and comfortable to wear.
  • It has designed in a comfortable shape and size.


  • It has poor audio quality for gaming.
  • The battery life is below average.

8. WeCool Mr.Bass Snug Earphone

WeCool Mr. Bass is a recent addition to this best earphones under 500 in India 2022 list. The earbuds have a 45-degree ergonomic shape that makes them easy to use and wear, even during demanding activities like athletics. Because of its efficient noise isolating feature, the earbuds can also suppress most extraneous sounds. It also comes with magnetic earphones to prevent slipping out of your ears. This earphone has excellent sound and bass quality, and it is compatible with a wide range of phones.

The audio quality The music that came out of this was pleasantly surprising. These don’t appear to be cheap or bad. The vocals are crystal clear and natural, and the sound stage is excellent. There are a lot of basses here, and it has a lot of impacts. But, as we all know, inexpensiveness isn’t always terrible. In general, I was disappointed with the sound quality.


  • It is incredibly relaxing to wear.
  • The earbuds are tight.
  • It has a good sound quality and bass.
  • It comes with a storage pouch.


  • The cables are readily tangled.

9. UBON BT-5100 Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone

UBON BT-5100 is a compact earphone under 500 in India. Magnetic earphones allow wireless earphones to be worn around the neck like a necklace when not in use. Instantly access them without having to go through your pockets.

Ubon has created a wireless neckband with an innovative stereo audio system that gives a high-quality sound experience with rich and deep bass to immerse you in music without side tones completely. The Ubon BT-5100 Bluetooth earphone features technologically sophisticated stereo drivers and Bluetooth 4.2 technology to deliver high-quality pure stereo sounds with rich bass, a clean midrange, and balanced treble.

It comes with a high-capacity 65mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that takes 1-1.5 hours to charge and allows you to listen to music for 10 hours. There’s no reason to be concerned about a sudden power outage.


  • Lightweight and pleasant to wear For a seamless user experience, these earphones are incredibly flexible and easy to use.
  • The Bass Factory BT-5100 provides up to 10 hours of listening time on a single full charge.
  • Exquisite sound details with bass easy to transport; multi-function controls for songs and telephony.


  • It has poor audio quality for gaming.
  • The battery life is below average.

10. MINISO In-Ear Wired Earphone

MINISO In-Ear earphones under 500 in India 2022 is an excellent fit that won’t let you take these delightfully great earbuds off; it fits you precisely without hurting your ears, and the perfect arc, with variable size ear tips, enables you to achieve better comfort even when listening for lengthy periods.

These earphones are highly user-friendly with an HD microphone for crystal clear calls – making life easier on the go and one-click play, pause, answer, and end calls. With a 3.5mm connector that works with a wide range of electronic devices, you may use these earbuds with almost any device that has a headphone jack. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets are all compatible.


  • It’s light and comfortable to wear.
  • It has designed in a comfortable shape and size.


  • A poor microphone.
  • The battery life is below average.
Best Earphones Under 500

Which Is Your Choice Of Best Earphones Under 500 In India 2022?

We can conclude that the Realme Buds 2 Neo Wired in-Ear Earphones with Mic are the best earphones in this range, with all features and benefits that fit our needs and expectations. It came in a classy design and was very comfortable to use at any point in time.

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