10 Best Badminton Racket Under 1000 in India 2022

By Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Certain qualities in racket make it best among all and can contribute towards hitting control smashed; the player should overlook specific general guidelines while shopping. We have inspected various badminton rackets after an individual trial and error process; we found Yonex ZR 100 Light Aluminium Racket as the best badminton racket under 1000

Though Badminton games have been introduced recently in the Olympics and we have some great personalities who have achieved a medal in Olympics for the game. But Olympic has a prominent glorious history, and it is considered as the fastest racket sport. Since the last decade, the popularity has grown to a great extent.

The racket is crucial equipment in the game. The type of racket should match as per your playing ability. Whether you are a Beginner, intermediator, or professional, finding the best badminton racket under 1000 in India that is suitable for you can be difficult. 

Check our list of recommendations and guidelines to find the best equipment for your game. Don’t forget to peek for specifications and features of the Yonex racket under 1000.

Best Badminton Racket Under 1000 In India 2022

1. Yonex ZR 100 Light Aluminum Blend Badminton Racquet

  • For beginners and intermediate players
  • Low torsion steel
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Shock resistant
  • Headcover protection
  • Lightweight and high in durability
  • Available in a set of 2

Yonex is a popular badminton racket, and it delivers high performance; it is a leading name that provides badminton rackets on the high end. A lot of professional players opt for Yonex rackets and string. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional, the brand has the best products for you. 

ZR 100 comprises an aluminum frame that makes it lightweight and gives you the convenience to play. The isometric shape with a centered sweet spot presents the flexibility of more power to the player. A comfortable and lightweight allows you to place strokes without many efforts.

The racket appearance is beautiful, with yellow with a glossy look. Lower torsion steel shaft provides you more deliver more power shots. 

Overall : Yonex being the best brand has a fantastic range of rackets that can grab your attention as well meet your requirements. The aluminum body can resist the shock of wear and tear, which could be encountered on the badminton court. The racket includes a headcover to carry and store safely. This budget-friendly product features as best Yonex racket under 1000. 

2. Li-Ning XP Series Aluminum Badminton Racquet

  • Beginners Racket
  • Aluminum and carbon steel frame
  • Weighs 100 gms
  • Stiff shaft for better techniques and powerful swing
  • Includes headcover

The Li-Nig XP series Badminton rackets are crafted wisely for recreation players who are conscious of keeping themselves fit and active. The racket can be a good companion for beginners or intermediate players. The racket weighs only 100 grams due to which a player can play for a more extended period without feeling tired or exhausted. 

The racket is built up with the most excellent quality of aluminum and carbon steel. The isometric shape gives you the flexibility to play challenging strokes for engaging games. As a beginner tends to mishit the shot, therefore a lower tension is required. The racket comes with a string of 22-24 Lbs that gives you more control and power to hit the strokes.

For hitting squash or playing comfortably, a grip holds an essential place in the racket. Li Ning comes with a G2 size that offers you to play conveniently. Wear and tear are typical in the playing equipment; if your racket strings have been loose or tore, you can buy original strings and replace them.

Overall : If you are using the racket for learning or recreational purposes, it is value for money. The brand is efficient in delivering the best badminton racket under 1000. The product comprises features that make it one of the best equipment. 

3. KD Silver Carbon Series Badminton Racket

  • Light Head
  • NanoRay technology
  • Nanomesh and carbon nano-tube
  • Isometric frame
  • Aero Frame

If you are still not satisfied with buying the best racket in under 1000, then check out the KD Badminton series. The racket gives you the flexibility of quick and controlled hits with repulsion through the New Aero Frame. 

The advantage of the Aero frame is it minimizes air resistance; with minimal resistance, your swing speed will increase. It gives you increase reaction time for the players playing defensive strokes. 

The Graphite shaft is lighter compared to steel and versatility to swing with speed and stability. They are designed better for more powerful shots. The rackets can reduce vibration dampening offering your comfortable grip to hold. Also, they are inbuilt with nanomesh and carbon nano-tube material in the frame. 

The Nanomesh adhesive combines with carbon allows the shaft to build up more energy for smash and drive shots. For a player, they get the flexibility of fast racket swing with adequate stiffness. 

The frame is square ISOMETRIC that is well designed to provide a sweet spot in all directions. Orange, Silver racket with lightweight shaft gives you flexibility and comfort while playing with more power. 

Overall : Graphite rackets offer you more flexibility, comfort while playing. Being lighter in weight, you need to handle it more wisely for power shots. The balanced point provides you control and improves your reaction time. Substantially, the brand you can trust and afford to buy the best racket under 1000 as an intermediate or beginner. 

4. Victor Mirage Badminton Racquet

  • Carbon shaft material
  • 9o to 95-gram weight
  • Height of 26 inch
  • Frame made with Aluminium alloy and carbon.

The brand Victor has been delivering higher-end rackets in the budget. The product is one of the best badminton in India under 1000. The carbon shaft benefit is better compared to aluminum as it improves the smash performance. Carbon fiber is a light material that reduces the weight of the racket without compromising quality and strength. 

The length of the modern Victor racket is 26.1 offers you secure handling being lightweight and adequate size. Along with carbon material and aluminum alloy, the racket provides a combination of power and speed. A player gets more control over the shuttle, thanks to its revolutionary frame design.

The Isometric racket, which is a perfect head shape for beginner or intermediate, results in robust and controlled play. The stylish red and black aluminum alloy frame makes the racket worth buying with ease of use. 

Overall : It is a flexible, lightweight aluminum alloy racket made for beginners. The carbon body enhances the power and control of your playing techniques along with better durability. We received thousands of positive reviews for its beautiful structure and powerful specifications. 

5. Yonex ZR 100 Aluminum Badminton Racquet

  • Eligible for beginners or Intermediates
  • G3 Grip Size
  • Isometric Head
  • Light aluminum material
  • 90 Gm weight
  • Headcover available for protection

Priced as badminton under 1000 gives you the best option for ultra-high-end rackets. Yonex ZR comprised of Aluminium frame gives you the convenience to play at a beginner or intermediate level. The red highlighted frame with strings blends nicely to add an appealing appearance on the equipment.

Aluminum can bear the shock, wear, and tear experienced in the court. The adequate structure and isometric frame ensure you offer to play with more flexibility and power level. Isometric shapes give you more benefits compared to an oval shape in terms of stability and playing smashes. 

As a beginner, you should choose for the lightweight racket to control the shots and add comfort to the game. The low torsion steel shaft does not add much weight to racket; also, it prevents warping from handle and joint. The handle has a comprehensive grip that gives you a better way of grasping and maneuver. 

The string used, along with tension, can improve the playability significantly. Strung in the product gives you comfort, control, along with durability at the right price. It comes in a single pack, but also available in a set of two. 

Overall: The single racket is an excellent piece as it provides better handling and control capacity. The Isometric shape gives the intermediate player a better offensive option to hit smash and have more control over shots. The aluminum frame won’t let you get tired easily, along with low torsion steel for durability.

6. SUNLEY Phantom Badminton Racket (Set of 2)

  • Oval Shaped
  • Light Weight
  • Better grip
  • 6 Shuttles included

The brand has been for years and is well known for a wide range of sports like cricket, football, and other fitness products. The rackets are a good option in with international built-in quality and standards. The equipment is designed for recreation purposes. 

The racket appearance is yellow and black patterns, magnified by a glossy finish giving it beautiful effect. It gives you more power maneuverability and ensures more stability with maximum performance for fast strikes. 

The compact oval sized racket head serves lesser sweeter spot giving more power in shots. The product is of premium quality and highly durable. The lightweight racket gives you the flexibility to play the game without getting tired quickly. 

The product comes with an inbuilt joint that enhances flexibility and stability. Due to lightweight, it is best suited for beginners. Six pieces nylon shuttle keep your practices at bay. You cannot miss your practice and fun of playing with enough shuttle. It appears in a pack of two and considered a budget-friendly option for best badminton in India under 1000.

Overall : Lightweight rackets are best suited for quick and defensive smashes. The racquet is high in built-in quality and best suited for beginners. It can handle wear and tear of the badminton court. You can change the strings easily, as they are available in the market.

7. Protoner SPO26 Wood Ball Badminton Racquet

  • Intermediate or Professional Player
  • G3 Grip
  • Wooden Frame
  • Could be played with woolen ball or shuttle

Protoner SPO26 is one of the best rackets under 1000. The product is perfect for beginners and people who just started to build their interest in sports. The product has an ideal shape made of wood to give powerful smashes with a ball.  

With thousands of positive reviews, the product has satisfied various customers. You cannot play with a shuttle due to the weight of the wooden frame. It is designed to serve the purpose of a ball badminton game. The wooden frame appearance and excellent finish with extra durability can handle wear and tear of the game. 

The product has a G3 Size grip that means a more substantial area for holding the equipment. As a player, you have the flexibility to keep the product with an area of 3 ½ inches. 

Overall : The product is worth buying if you could handle the weight of wood. If you have the strength to generate power, the product gives you additional energy for shots and smashes. 

8. Yonex GR 303 Badminton Racquet

  • Aluminum
  • Shaft made of low torsion steel
  • G3 grip size
  • Isometric head shape
  • Strung
  • 100 gms weight

Yonex brand has been delivering quality products for decades. GR 303 is an excellent badminton racket is designed for players who are at entry-level. The racket offers edge to players to develop techniques and comfortability while playing. 

Considering price and features, the product is undoubtedly the worth Yonex racket under 1000. Though it has the same characteristics as other Yonex products, the racket can fit as per your requirements and demand of the game to play shots as you desire. 

The lightweight aluminum badminton weighs about 100 grams. The grip size G3 gives you a proper grip as found in other Yonex rackets. The impressive bluish-purple frame and shaft design make it durable, control, and high accuracy. 

The low torsion steel gives player flexibility and great ease. For beginners and intermediate players, this is the best weapon. Always cover your racket with headcover available with it for more extended durability. 

Overall : The product is a cost-effective one available in the market. The product crafted with innovative technology. The aluminum framework contributes towards the performance of players, which enables to swing and play smashes with ease. 

9. Silver's Sb-515 Gutted Badminton Racket

  • Children with six years and above
  • Excellent Grip
  • Aluminum alloy material
  • Set of 2 badminton

Silver Sports brand has been since 1965 in the field of manufacturing. They have a myriad of rackets, including badminton, squash, tennis, and other sports products. Beyond the quality products, they come up with competitive pricing. 

Silver rackets are efficient for beginners or learners. The aluminum alloy frame of badminton racket contributes towards a high performance for players in the court. The racket can enhance to assist precise and powerful smashes. 

Overall : The lightweight racket has a large sweet spot for ease of playing. The racket can be an excellent choice for kids with six years and above or adults. For fun and recreational purpose, you can rely on this best racket under 1000

10. Cosco Cb-88 Badminton Racquet

  • 100 gm lightweight racket
  • G5 grip
  • Aluminum alloy material
  • Tension 18 to 20 lbs

With the demand for innovative technology and products, Cosco has been leading brands in delivering exceptional products to consumers. It is one of the several esteemed brands that has been established in 1980. 

Cosco CB 88 benefit is it comes with a fantastic look and considered as best rackets under 1000. It is absolute for beginner and intermediate level performers. The racquets of Cosco are capable of delivering accurate drives. You can use these rackets for defending. 

The product comes with great maneuverability and accessible to the G5 grip area. The aluminium frame gives you the freedom to win the tough matches easily without getting tired. 

One of the benefits of badminton is that it has an incredible appearance and durable performance. It offers 18 – 20 Lbs string tension that gives you games flexibility of hit hard to the shuttle. The tighter the strings, the better control, and durability you have over the equipment. 

Overall : You can expect higher durability with more explicit shots. It is ideal for recreational purposes. With an excellent grip and offering greater control, you would get the best racket under 1000. 

Buying Guide For Best Badminton Racket

What to consider when choosing a badminton racket?

  • Flexibility or Stiffness

A flexible racket would give freedom to the player to grasp control during the game with a light touch. An average or beginner can go with flexible racquets, while for professionals, there are stiffer rackers. Stiff rackers serve the purpose of advanced players as they have higher power and accuracy. 

  • Balance

All Rackets are distinguished based on their balance or weight. The rackets are categorized as per Heavy Head, Light head, or evenly balanced head. Powerful and advanced players whose game involves playing back of the court and increased power on smashes need heavy head rackets. 

Light rackets are for the club players who involve in double games. Light rackets move quickly in defensive positions and give the flexibility to hit easily. Even balanced rackets cater to the need of players where maneuverability and balance are essential. 

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  • Shape

Usually, there are two shapes of the racket – isometric and oval. For a beginner, an oval racket would be suitable due to its large surface area, and strings allow to hit forcefully and conveniently. For a pro who wants to pursue power and control on the shots, isometric can work. It gives the ability to run more scorching smash. 

  • Weight

Professional requires heavier rackets as they have better grip and power While beginners and intermediates can go for lighter rackets as it gives more control. There are four types of categories, but the popular ones are 3U – weight from 85g-89g, and 4U – weighs from 80g -84g. The beginners must go for a lighter weight racket. 

Professional Singles prefer to use 3U while doubles players prefer to go for 4U rackets. 

  • Strings 

The strings affect the way racket flexibility, convenience, and usability. Higher string tension gives you the ability to more control while lower tension would be efficient to create more power with more durability. Beginners club players racket strung should be between 20-24 lbs while advanced players must have 24-28 lbs. 

Choose thing strings as they give you more flexibility and control compared to a thicker string. [/su_note]

  • Hand Grip 

If you are an advanced player and usually invest hours in the game, then a towel grip is best for you. It tends to absorb sweat faster and is softer. However, these grips require frequent replacement due to the accumulation of germs and bacteria. 

Other is synthetic grip, which is slick and less messy. But it is ideal for beginners and intermediates as it has poor sweat absorption ability. 

The grips are available in four sizes. Bigger grips are opted by players who want a tighter grasp on the equipment to generate more power. In contrast, the players who choose defensive purpose in the games prefer smaller grips for better flexibility while playing. 

Some of the significant Badminton Racket Brands

  • Yonex
  • Wilson
  • Adidas 
  • Cosco

Frequently Asked Question

As a beginner, what racket should I get?

It is not a complicated process. All you need is to identify your play style if you are a beginner, intermediator, and professional. Go through guide and choose one with even balance and medium stiffness for a beginner. 

Do I want to buy a new racquet?

Many players fail to justify themselves regarding buying the need for the best badminton racquet under 10,000. Most of the period, you don’t need one. However, it depends upon your old racquet. If your racket has crack or strings have been worn out, then its right time to change it.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eBut, if it is just a matter of strings, you can re-string and improve the performance of the racquet.

u003cstrongu003eHow tight should the racket strings be?u003c/strongu003e

Usually, if you have good strength, you can have your string at 27lbs above. While for the average player, 22 lbs would be enough. The loose string would make racket too bouncy. 

u003cstrongu003eHow long would the strings last?u003c/strongu003e

Averagely, a string would last for 32 sessions. It also depends on the way you play and how frequently you play.

u003cstrongu003eWhich racket if for best performance while smashing?u003c/strongu003e

Whether it is Yonex or Wilson, choose a racket with a massive head that generates power to smash. If a player uses about 89 gms with about 26lbs tension, then it would result in the best performance possible. 

u003cstrongu003eWhich is the lightest badminton racket?u003c/strongu003e

Yonex Nanoray 20 is the lightest badminton racket with a weight of just 89 grams. It has graphite used to build up; therefore, it is easy to use and handle. 

u003cstrongu003eHow to determine the right tension and string for the racket?u003c/strongu003e

Tension and string depend upon the skill of a player. The lower tension has a more prominent sweet spot (an area that gives the most power in racket); therefore, it generates power even when the shot is slightly mishit. 

With the high tension, the sweet spot is smaller and generate lesser power. In this case, control over shuttle increases as the strings are flatter. For beginners, high tension is not recommended.


With our extensive research and analysis, we have enlisted numerous products. We have also mentioned various points to remember while buying racquet. Nobody can accurately refer you to the racquets that suit you best. Remember, everyone has their own choice and different preferences for grading a suitable racquet. 

Don’t mind tips to follow while choosing your best badminton racket in India under 1000. Invest your own time in the selection procedure because you are a player, and selecting the product as per your requirement is essential. 

Before entering into the world of badminton, following different factors can help you narrow the list with an array of choices available in the market. At the same time, these recommendations can guide you, as a player you must select as per your style and level of play. 

Don’t waste money on unnecessary features or other styles. If you are a beginner, always choose a simple one that gives you convenience and flexibility to play. 

Happy Playing 🙂

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