10 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 20000 In India 2022

By Trusha Patel

Suppose you want to buy the best acoustic guitar under 20000, then you have come to the right place; here is a detailed guide on some of the best acoustic guitar under 20000 rupees. So that you can make an intelligent decision, let’s see!

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 20000 In India 2022

1. Epiphone AJ-100CE Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone, Acoustic Guitar, AJ-100CE -Natural EE1CNACH1 Check Here for Latest Price

In our personal view, the Epiphone AJ-100CE is the best acoustic guitar under 20000 in India 2022. These acoustic guitars are available almost everywhere, making them a hard-to-miss product.  The Epiphone brand offers excellent quality and nice features at an affordable price. This comes true with the Epiphone AJ-100CE acoustic guitar, which at a limited cost, gives you a jumbo body that is bigger than other conventional dreadnoughts.

The pickup of the AJ-100CE performs very well compared to another passive pickup system. The guitar features an exclusive- passive Fishman pickup; it is marketed as a Piezo alternative with a better tone than any standard piezo. However, amplifying your instrument can become more complicated when using a passive pickup. So, in this case, you will need a separate preamp when plugging into a mixing console, but there is no need when using an acoustic amplifier.

Overall, it is an affordable yet complete soulful-sounding guitar that can be ideal to use on stage. You will hear plenty of praises for having a fuller-sounding tone and having a more extensive body. But these features can sometimes be a downer to beginners.

2. Fender FA125CE Electric Acoustic Guitar

Fender FA125CE Electric Acoustic Guitar With Sponge Bag, Belt, String Set, & Plectrums Combo Pack Check Here for Latest Price

The Fender FA125CE is a dreadnought-style acoustic guitar you can get for under 20000 in India. It has a single-cutaway design, and the guitar is provided with Fishman electronics. The guitar comes with three plus three headstocks united with a Viking bridge that offers excellent sound and is easy to play.

The Fender guitar has a nato neck that gives a nice feel to the overall design and an upbeat tune, especially for beginners. If we talk about the guitar body, it is laminated with Spruce wood and basswood, so the guitar has a glossy look.

As I said earlier, the shape of the guitar is dreadnought style, so the body binding is of the one-ply back. The chrome finishing gives an elegant look to the guitar, and the tuning machines are die-cast sealed. So, we can say that it is a value for money and has some of the best features.

3. Cyrus DIY Acoustic Guitar

Cyruss DIY Acoustic Guitar Kit 41 Inch Spruce Wood for Music Lovers Gift Check Here for Latest Price

The Cyrus DIY is an affordable acoustic guitar for under 20000 in India in 2022. A DIY guitar kit is a guitar that hasn’t yet been put together, and you have to assemble your instrument piece by piece. And so is the case with Cyrus’ DIY acoustic guitar kit. In the equipment, you will be given the necessary parts, tools, and guide documentation to guide you through assembling your instrument.

Cyrus is a go-to brand for most musicians who want to build their guitars or buy the necessary tools. It is an excellent brand without any downers. This is a 41-inches acoustic guitar with Spruce wood. It has a smooth surface, making it easy to paint and DIY. It can be the best gift for DIY lovers.

4. Kadence Slowhand Jumbo Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Jumbo Acoustic Guitar, Solid Wood Cear Top, Zebra Wood, Combo with Heavy Padded Bag, Instrument cable, Pro Capo and Stand. SH-100 Check Here for Latest Price

Kadence Slowhand is a stylish acoustic guitar to get under 20000 in India as of 2022. It is a slowhand jumbo acoustic guitar from Kadence. It is a new generation of high-quality guitars that experienced artists finely craft to give you the best sound and tone control. The Kadence Acoustic guitar has features you can expect in a more expensive guitar.

The guitar is designed in premium quality. It is from the Slowhand series of acoustic guitars that are finely crafted to give you complete tonal control. If talking about the body, the guitar is designed with Mahogany wood, whereas the fretboard and the bridge are made from Indian rosewood, ensuring excellent sound quality. 

The signature design demi-cutaway of the Kadence acoustic guitar enhances playing styles, making it a highly adaptable instrument. The demi-cutaway design makes the head and the body beautifully integrated. It is built with a Cedar top and is provided with an in-built equalizer.

5. Fender CD60 Acoustic Guitar

Fender Acoustic Guitar CD60 Dreadnought 6-Strings - Walnut Fret board-Black With Sponge bag, Belt, String set & Plectrums Complete Kit. Check Here for Latest Price

This Fender CD60 Dreadnought-style acoustic guitar under 20000 from Fender comes in a contemporary design with a fine-tuned guitar. It is perfect for those who want an affordable dreadnought guitar with fantastic playability and tonal quality.

The Best Acoustic Guitar comes with rolled fingerboard, a solid top made of Spruce, Mahogany wood, and an easy-to-play neck are some of the salient features of this guitar. This Fender guitar is perfect for couch, campfire, and office. It has a sturdy build with an incredible dynamic range. Because of the great resonance, the instrument offers a finely balanced tone, resulting in so much midrange and volume.

The CD60 guitar responds very well to all kinds of playing styles. It doesn’t matter whether you are an intricate fingerpicking, firm strumming, or rapid Flatpicking. The guitar feels very comfortable as it is easy to hold because of its round edges. All in all, it’s one of the best acoustic guitars with a good value for money.

6. Cordoba C3M Nylon-Strings Acoustic Guitar

Cordoba C3M nylon-string acoustic Guitar, Classical Traditional Design includes Solid Cedar Top, Spanish-style fan bracing, Mahogany back and Side & Rosewood Fingerboard (Natural) Check Here for Latest Price

The Cordoba C3M is an entry-level classical acoustic guitar under 20000 from Cordoba. This is because it has some main characteristics of classical guitars, such as 2.04″ nut width, 25.6″ scale length, neck shape, and string height.

The main plus point of the Cordoba acoustic guitar is its Canadian Cedar top; this is one feature that you won’t see easily in the same-priced nylon string guitars. Plus, the Cordoba brand’s quality and reputation make it a worry-free choice in terms of quality and playability.

Cordoba C3M offers excellent value for money with an incredible sound from the solid cedar top. This is Cordoba’s entry-level student classical guitar but is also a great fit for experienced players who want a low-cost camping guitar.

7. YAMAHA FX310A Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FX310A Full Size Electro-Acoustic Guitar (Natural) Check Here for Latest Price

The Yamaha FX310A is an electro-acoustic guitar one can buy for under 20000 in India. It is one of the best reliable guitars on the list, mainly because of the use of tonewood in its manufacturing.

The guitar is built with a spruce top Meranti back and sides. This makes the guitar very responsive in producing a balanced tone. Also, the Yamaha brand is famous worldwide, mostly among teachers, students, and professionals, because of its superior quality.

The Yamaha guitar is provided with a preamp and pickup of system 53 that offers an expensive sound that is very natural. And by adding the awesome Yamaha standard set-up, you will get a stage-ready guitar that outperforms the purchased price. The guitar is provided with an under-saddle pickup, giving you great control with modest amplification. And the glossy finish of the electro-acoustic guitar is because of the Polyurethane coating. Overall, it’s one of the best electro-acoustic guitars in the market at this price range.

8. Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar | ORCHESTRA & AUDITORIUM Check Here for Latest Price

The Jasmine S34C is a jumbo-sized orchestra-style acoustic guitar under 20k with a rich, well-balanced tone and graceful Venetian style cutaway that shows an excellent value of the guitar.

The S34C is best for any player seeking a well-designed and comfortably playing guitar. The guitar is built with a Spruce top, Jasmine’s Advanced “X” bracing, and Sapele’s back and sides. The smooth satin finish of the guitar improves the resonance for superior sound quality. The small neck length provides a convenient and comfortable distance and excellent playability.

Other great features of the Jasmine acoustic guitar include a rosewood fingerboard, bridges, and chrome tuners.

9. KKmoon 34-inch Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar 34 Inch Spruce Wood Top Panel Teakwood Back Side Panel with Gig Bag Strap Spare Strings Capo Picks Guitars Kit for Beginners Check Here for Latest Price

This KKmoon 34-inch is the most popular acoustic guitar under 20000 in India 2022 from KKmoon. It comes in the size of 34-inches and so is suitable for music lovers, students, and newcomers. The company has adopted premium materials like Meranti wood guitar neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Spruce wood top panel, and Teakwood back and side panel. 

This makes the guitar solid and durable making it not easy to crack and deform. The light gauge steel strings provided in the guitar offer a clear and crisp sound and make it convenient for beginners to practice playing guitars.

The guitar’s appearance features delicate and beautiful looks with a unique and natural texture. The guitar has valuable accessories like a guitar bag, straps, capo, picks, and strings.

10. Walden Standard D350 Acoustic Guitar

Walden, Acoustic Guitar, Dreadnought, Left Handed, w/Bag -Natural D350L/W Check Here for Latest Price

The Standard D350 by Walden is the latest addition to our best acoustic guitar under the 20000 list. This guitar is perfect to begin your musical journey. The famous Dreadnought body has standard features like Scalloped-X bracing and produces a big, rich, clear, loud sound.

The guitar is built in a way that makes it susceptible to climate change; the laminated spruce soundboard is more stable than a solid top. The Walden acoustic guitar focuses on creating the best-balanced sound, stability, and affordability.

The spruce top and Mahogany neck provide exceptional stability and resist changes caused by humidity. With the guitar comes the Walden gig bag.

Playing the guitar is a good hobby and is fun as well. It is called “playing,” not “working.” Playing the guitar is a hobby everyone wants to choose once in their lifetime, and why not? After all, it is the soul of music. Plus, the increased popularity of rock and metal music in the last decades has increased people’s interest in guitars.

It is said that if you want to learn guitar, then you should start playing an acoustic guitar. Thus if you are a newcomer and have a passion for learning guitar, you should go for acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitars are easy to play and produce great sound; the music quality is also good. However, if you are confused about which guitar to buy, then let me tell you, you are not the only one; most people get confused about buying a superior quality guitar.

If you are looking for low-budget guitars, here is the must-try; Best Acoustic Guitar Under 15000.

Which Is The Best Acoustic Guitar Under 20000?

We hope that you have seen all the reviews very carefully. If you do that, you can select the guitar you like. However, most people always want to know about a reliable place from where they can buy a guitar. 

We recommend amazon for buying the guitar as this way you can buy a genuine guitar. Also, to avoid further confusion, we highly recommend Epiphone AJ-100CE acoustic guitar, which has been the best seller in recent times with numerous features. Thank you!

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