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We would be very thankful, if you could help us with your answers. It's very important for us to get your opinion and feedback regarding our Rolltop concept. For sure, all the answers are anonym and if you don't want to answer any certain question, just skip it! Thank you very much for your support!

What is your gender?

How old are you?
Below 20
Over 50

Where do you live?
Europe (EU)
Europe (Non EU, incl. Russia and CIS)
North America (US, Canada)
South America
Asia and Pacific

Your average income per annum (in $)?
Below 12.000
12.000 - 24.000
24.000 - 40.000
40.000 - 60.000
More than 60.000

How did you learn about Rolltop?
Please describe:

What is the right price for Rolltop (in $)?
Below 500
500 - 1.000
1.000 - 2.000
More than 2.000

Would you like to purchase Rolltop for this price?
No (Please let us know, what you don't like.)

Which features do you like in Rolltop?
Original product design
Original technical solution (e.g. OLED)
New technologies
Unique product proposition
Multi-functionality (e.g. Laptop, Monitor, Graph-Pad)
Created by Start-up
Other (please describe)

Are there any Rolltop features you donít like?
Please describe:

What would you add or change in Rolltop?
Please describe:

Which products do you have?
Mac PC
other Smartphones

What next product are you going to buy?
Please describe:

Which alternative products / concepts do you know?
Please describe:

Which products are the most attractive / interesting for you?
Please describe:

Are there any other points / issues / critic / feedback, which you would like to share with us?
Please describe:

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Priority list

As a token of our appreciation, every donator will receive an opportunity to purchase the Rolltop first (priority list), as soon we released it!